80mm Gummed Tape Dispenser

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Item Information

  • Roller moistens as tape is pulled forwards
  • Accepts Tape up to 80mm Wide
  • Pull against blade to cut to length
  • Accepts gummed side in and out paper rolls


What is the Purpose of a 80mm Gummed Tape Dispenser?

This tape dispenser doesn't suit your ordinary rolls of tape. It works to give your gummed tape rolls a convenient way to be applied. As the tape is dispensed, the applicator moistens the tape and provides a sticky, gummed surface upon which you can apply your tape. This is the easiest way to deal with what could possibly be a sticky, messy situation. Gummed tapes can be mishandled and damaged by improper use. The gumming can cause tears and uneven bumpy tape. This can harm your package and provide an uneven seal. The tape dispenser saves you form that sticky, gummy mess and give you a clean and effort-free way to dispense and moisten the tape at the same time.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This gummed tape dispenser is ideal for the boxes and cartons that require that specific type of tape. For the carton assemblers and the package preparers, this 80mm gummed tape dispenser will work beautifully. Get the gummed tape dispenser as a perfect way to ensure excellent adhesion to all your water activated tapes.

Who Might Use a 80mm Gummed Tape Dispenser?

The 80mm gummed tape dispenser works to give you an easy and assured way to apply a water activated tape. This means that whoever needs to be applying tape with this specific material would be using the dispenser. Its handheld properties ensure that warehouse employees and store owners will see the benefit in getting their own gummed tape dispensers.

Product Specifications

  • Suits 80mm rolls of water activated tape
  • Moistens the tape as it is applied
  • Blade to cut tape to desired length included
  • 1-year warranty on all parts and labour
  • Gummed in or out sided tape rolls can be used


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

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Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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