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Item Information

  • Heavy duty recycled rubber speed ramp section
  • Maximum height of ramp is 70mm
  • Effectively reduces vehicle speed to approx 5mph
  • Central slot allows 25 x 25 mm cables to run underneath ramp mid sections
  • Cats eyes in ramp mid sections only
  • 5000kg per axle weight capacity.
  • Supplied with concrete and tarmac compatible fixing bolts
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Whilst not a legal requirement we would recommend that you also add signage to any road where speed ramps are used and also advise road users of the recommended speed limit.


The 5mph speed ramp from The Workplace Depot should form an integral part of any small scale traffic and speed management scheme. It is designed to slow vehicles right down to a maximum of 5mph which is ideal for spaces where children, people or animals are wandering around freely, to reduce the risk of collisions and to calm traffic in built up areas.

The speed ramp can be made as wide or as short as required by building up alternate yellow and black sections to the desired length. The middle sections have a single aperture which allows cables to be run underneath allowing the unit to double as both a speed ramp and a cable protector. The tapered ends, however, are not optimised for cables and therefore should only be fitted if you do not wish to run cables through the ramp.

The 7cm high ramp provides a severe incline for reducing and managing the speed of vehicles on-site, on the roads and in car parks. It should be noted that this product is not suitable for cars with low profiles such as sports cars and vehicles that have been modified. If your venue is frequented by vehicles such as these then we highly recommend opting for the 10mph Road Bump which is equally as effective at slowing traffic but with a less harsh incline.

What is the Purpose of a Speed Ramp?

Speed control for vehicular traffic is often a major safety consideration, especially in zones which are highly prone to accidents, such as blind turns, pedestrian areas and the like. This product is effective enough bring down vehicular speeds to 5mph, ensuring that the risk of accident is minimised to the greatest extent possible. This product is especially useful because the cat's eye reflectors in the mid sections serve adequately at night time. In addition, the heavy-duty rubber sections are designed for heavy vehicles as well. It is highly recommended that this product be used whenever speed control is a major concern.

Where Can a Speed Ramp Be Used?

This product is ideal for hospital and school zones, loading areas, accident-prone areas or anywhere else that high vehicular speeds can easily lead to accidents. It is perfect for use in combination with zebra crossings to ensure that all vehicles slow down before reaching the crossing. It can also be used in areas where pedestrian and vehicular traffic intersect, such as crossings. Ideally suited for tarmac and concrete surfaces, this product can be permanently fixed to the ground, serving its purpose faithfully for several years. The ramps can also be placed in close proximity to one another over a stretch of road, ensuring that all vehicles maintain low speeds for the entire stretch.

Who Might Use This Speed Ramp?

Anyone responsible for the safety of people and property will find this a useful product. People who need to achieve 'speed calming' of an effective nature will be able to see value in bringing cars and other vehicles down to a manageable 5mph. Traffic coordinators, car park supervisors, airport authorities, hospital and school administrators and many more categories of professionals will find great use in this product. In fact, anyone who wants a permanent solution to vehicular speed or wants to control the number of accidents at a particular point will want one or more of these installed.

Product Warranties, Materials, Legislation

This speed ramp is available in bundles of varying lengths. Each bundle is made of several middle sections and two end sections that can be laid out in alternating black and yellow sections for maximum visibility. Cable channels running through the undersides of the middle sections ensure that sensitive and easily damaged cables can be kept safe when running across a vehicular path. The product is covered by a standard one-year warranty on parts and labour.

Interesting Facts About Speed Ramps

Speed ramps are becoming the preferred option for 'speed calming' today. Concrete and asphalt ramps are usually permanent and cannot be removed for any reason - including in winter when snowploughs are in operation. It is also a challenge to construct concrete and asphalt ramps to exact specifications, which is not a problem for rubber ramps that are pre-moulded and ready to deploy at a moment's notice. Rubber products are also more cost-effective than asphalt or concrete. It can be assumed that the speed ramp is here to stay!

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Colour Black/Yellow
Depth (mm) 400
Height (mm) 70
Material Rubber
Weight (kg) 42
Width (mm) 1900
Delivery Time Next Day
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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