Speed Ramp

Speed Ramp
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Slow Down, Stay Safe

  • Innovative Traffic Management: Speed Ramp, a revolutionary solution for safer, calmer neighbourhoods, perfect for schools, hospitals, and busy streets.
  • Effective Speed Control: Reduce vehicle speeds to a safe 5 mph, ensuring pedestrian safety and calm traffic flow in high-risk areas.
  • Noise Reduction Champion: This ramp significantly cuts down traffic noise, contributing to a more peaceful and serene living environment in your community.
  • Striking High-Visibility: Features a bright yellow and black design, ensuring high visibility and safety, even in low-light conditions.
  • Robust and Reliable: Crafted to endure, the ramp can withstand up to 60 tonnes per axle, ideal for heavy traffic and large vehicles.
  • Eco-Conscious Material: Composed of durable, recycled rubber, this ramp is an environmentally friendly choice for sustainable communities.
  • Simple Installation: Engineered for convenience, it comes with tapered ends and fixing bolts, making installation easy on various surfaces.
  • Flexible Coverage: Designed for versatility, it can be installed end-to-end, adapting to different spatial requirements for comprehensive coverage.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Each section measures 1000(W) x 350(D) x 65(H) mm, perfectly sized for effective speed control and visibility.
Speed Ramp

Safety and Serenity

Discover the Speed Ramp, a groundbreaking innovation designed to transform your neighbourhood into a safer, more tranquil space. Engineered with precision, it effectively slows down vehicles to a secure 5 mph, making it an indispensable addition to high-risk areas such as school zones, hospitals, and busy residential streets. The Speed Ramp doesn't just control traffic; it fosters a sense of peace and safety, ensuring that your community remains a haven for residents and pedestrians alike.

But the Speed Ramp is more than just a tool for speed reduction. It's a symbol of environmental responsibility and community care. Made from high-quality, recycled rubber, it reflects a commitment to sustainability, blending eco-friendliness with top-notch durability. Its striking yellow and black pattern ensures high visibility, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, especially in low-light conditions. 

Embrace Safety, Control Speed

The Speed Ramp introduces an unparalleled feature in traffic management: the ability to slow down vehicles to a safe 5 mph. This remarkable capability is not just a function; it's a proactive step towards ensuring pedestrian safety and smooth traffic flow in sensitive areas. By effectively reducing vehicle speeds, the Speed Ramp plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and enhancing the overall safety of high-risk zones like school areas, residential streets, and hospital vicinities.

Understanding the necessity of speed control in today’s fast-paced world, the Speed Ramp is designed to be a guardian of tranquillity and safety. This feature is especially vital in areas where children, elderly, and hospital patients are present, making it an indispensable asset for communities. The ability to slow vehicles to 5 mph is more than a technical specification; it’s a commitment to safeguarding lives, demonstrating that the Speed Ramp is not just a product but a pivotal contributor to public safety and peace.

Speed Ramp
Speed Ramp

Silence is Golden

In an era where noise pollution is a growing concern, the Speed Ramp emerges as a beacon of tranquillity for your neighbourhood. This innovative feature significantly curtails noise from traffic, transforming bustling streets into havens of calm and serenity. By slowing down vehicles, the Speed Ramp reduces the hustle and bustle of traffic noise, allowing the soothing sounds of the community to take precedence. It's not just about reducing speed; it's about enhancing the quality of life for every resident.

The impact of a quieter environment is profound. It leads to reduced stress levels, improved concentration, and a more harmonious living space. In areas where peace is paramount, such as near schools, hospitals, and residential zones, the Speed Ramp proves indispensable. Its ability to promote a quieter, more serene neighbourhood goes beyond a mere feature; it's a step towards creating a more livable, enjoyable, and cohesive community.

Speed Ramp

Overall Dimensions


Built to Last

The Speed Ramp sets a new standard in durability with its heavy-duty construction, capable of withstanding up to 60 tonnes per axle. This remarkable strength ensures that the ramp can endure the constant stress of heavy vehicles, from buses to large trucks, without compromising its integrity or performance. The robust build not only promises longevity but also guarantees consistent functionality, making it a reliable addition to any high-traffic area.

This feature is particularly crucial for areas frequented by heavy goods vehicles or in industrial settings where the weight of vehicles is a constant concern. The ability to withstand such high loads speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the Speed Ramp, offering peace of mind to those responsible for maintaining safe and efficient traffic flow. 

Speed Ramp
Speed Ramp

Stand Out for Safety

In the realm of road safety, visibility is paramount, and the Speed Ramp's high-visibility design is a game-changer. Sporting a striking yellow and black pattern, this feature is engineered to capture attention and ensure that drivers are immediately aware of the need to slow down. This bright, contrasting colour scheme is not just aesthetically bold; it's a vital safety feature, making the Speed Ramp highly noticeable in various lighting and weather conditions.

The significance of this high-visibility design extends beyond its immediate impact. It plays a crucial role in accident prevention, particularly in areas with low light or during times when visibility is compromised, such as dusk or dawn. By standing out so distinctly, the Speed Ramp acts as an intuitive signal for drivers to reduce their speed, thus enhancing the safety of pedestrians and residents alike. 

Green Strength

The Speed Ramp not only leads in safety and efficiency but also stands out for its environmental responsibility. Crafted from durable, recycled rubber, this feature represents a significant step towards sustainability. By choosing recycled materials, the Speed Ramp reduces environmental impact, making it a conscientious choice for communities that value ecological integrity. 

This use of recycled rubber is more than just an eco-friendly gesture; it's a testament to the innovation and forward-thinking behind the Speed Ramp. By repurposing materials, it contributes to a circular economy, reducing waste and the need for new resources. This feature not only protects the environment but also provides a high-quality, durable solution for traffic control. It's a win-win for both the planet and the community, proving that environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand with superior performance and reliability.

Speed Ramp
Speed Ramp

Hassle-Free Setup

Ease of installation is a key component of the Speed Ramp, designed to make its integration into any setting as straightforward as possible. It comes equipped with tapered ends and fixing bolts, ensuring a secure fit on various surfaces including concrete, asphalt, and tarmac. This feature is especially beneficial for quick deployments in critical areas, minimising disruption and allowing for immediate use. The simplicity of the installation process means that you don’t need specialised equipment or extensive manpower.

The versatility of the Speed Ramp’s installation process is a testament to its thoughtful design. Whether it's a busy urban street, a school zone, or a hospital driveway, the ramp can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of each location. This ease of installation extends the reach of its safety benefits, ensuring that communities can swiftly respond to the need for traffic calming measures. 

Seamless Integration

The Speed Ramp excels in its adaptability, offering unparalleled flexibility in traffic management solutions. Its design allows for end-to-end installation, providing extended coverage that can be tailored to fit the unique dimensions and requirements of any roadway or parking area. This feature enables seamless integration into diverse environments, from narrow lanes to wide entries, ensuring that safety is maintained without sacrificing the aesthetic and functional aspects of the space.

This high adaptability of the Speed Ramp is crucial for creating a cohesive traffic calming system that can be customised to address specific safety concerns. Whether it's a long stretch in front of a school or winding paths through a hospital complex, the ramp can be configured to provide optimal coverage. This flexibility not only enhances safety but also offers a cost-effective solution by allowing for targeted deployment where it is most needed. 

Speed Ramp

Item Information

  • Reduces vehicle speed to a safe 5 mph for enhanced safety.
  • Cuts down traffic noise, fostering a quieter, more serene neighbourhood.
  • Bright yellow and black pattern for high visibility and safety.
  • Heavy-duty construction withstands up to 60 tonnes per axle.
  • Made from durable, recycled rubber, promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Easy installation with tapered ends and fixing bolts included.
  • Can be installed end-to-end for adaptable, extended coverage.
  • Each section measures 1000(W) x 350(D) x 65(H) mm.
  • Suitable for various surfaces: concrete, asphalt, tarmac.
  • Ideal for school zones, hospitals, car parks for protection.
  • High visibility aids in accident prevention, especially in low-light.
  • Quick setup saves time and effort, ensuring immediate functionality.
Speed Ramp

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Speed Ramp

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Speed Ramp
Speed Ramp

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