550 Series Cabinets
Small Parts Storage
Drawered Cabinets
550 Series Cabinets
Small Parts Storage
Drawered Cabinets

550 Series Cabinets

  • Robust polypropylene case
  • galvanised steel shelves
  • can be wall hung or placed on work surface
  • crystal clear polystyrene drawers
  • drawer handles recessed within cabinet frame
  • Dimensions (mm) 550(H) x 310(W) x 180(D)
3-5 working days


3-5 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 550-3 No. Drawers: 60 size 00 Drawer Size (mm): 37(H) x 55(W) x 175(D) Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: 550-C3 No. Drawers: 24x01, 6x04, 2x06 Drawer Size (mm): Combination Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: 551-3 No. Drawers: 48 size 01 Drawer Size (mm): 37(H) x 69(W) x 175 (D) Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: 552-3 No. Drawers: 24 size 02 Drawer Size (mm): 37(H) x 138(W) x 175(D) Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: 554-3 No. Drawers: 24 size 04 Drawer Size (mm): 59(H) x 92(W) x 175(D) Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: 556-3 No. Drawers: 8 size 06 Drawer Size (mm): 59(H) x 227(W) x 175(D) Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: 557-3 No. Drawers: 12 size 07 Drawer Size (mm): 81(H) x 138(W) x 175(D) Price: £65.00 £63.70

550 Series Cabinets

Even the most skilled technician can fall short at a task if proper materials aren’t easily accessible. Tradespeople in commercial worksites utilizes various important parts and components on a daily basis, so it’s important to make sure each workstation is properly equipped. If technicians have to leave the station whenever they need additional materials or tools, productivity can be slowed. However, having too many unsecured items at a station can lead to messy conditions that also hinder output. The Workplace Depot is excited to offer a solution which can be valuable in nearly any work environment. 550 Series Cabinets are a high-quality and versatile storage solution that can clean up a workplace and boost productivity.

What Is the Purpose of 550 Series Cabinets?

550 series cabinets are designed to be a more versatile and adaptable storage solution than traditional alternatives. While many commercial worksites utilize storage devices likes cabinets and drawers, these types of units are often bulky and stationary. 550 series cabinets can be easily transported as needed, mounted on walls, or used directly on work surfaces. Tools, parts, and other small to medium sized item can be maintained together at a workstation to help boost productivity. While the cabinets are mobile and versatile, they are robust enough to withstand the demands of a heavy-duty industrial worksite.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This product can prove useful in a variety of locations. Whether it’s an automotive workshop, a construction site, an engineering firm, or any other similar location, 550 series cabinet can come in very handy. These units can be placed next to a project or attached to a wall near a workstation. This can make it much easier to complete certain tasks and remain organized. Given that this unit is designed to be very durable, it can provide years of reliable use in even the most fast-paced worksite.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product can prove useful to a variety of tradespeople. Mechanics, engineers, welders, and other worker can all make use of these cabinets. In addition, managers can ensure that certain areas like cleaning/painting stations are always equipped with nearby easily accessible supplies.

550 Series Cabinets Specifications

This durable unit can withstand the demands of an industrial worksite with its polypropylene and steel construction. The product can be mounted on walls and can also be ordered with a variety of dividers to provide more options for customization.

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