Water Based Springy Pavement Sign
Springy Pavement Sign
Waterbase Springy Sign
Water Based Springy Pavement Sign
Springy Pavement Sign
Waterbase Springy Sign

Water / Sand Base Springy Pavement Sign

Fillable base provides added stability

  • Practical and economic advertising solution
  • Easy to open and shut to change contents
  • Double sided design for greater impact
  • Steel springs from the base allow for movement in windy conditions
  • Anti glare UPVC protective cover
  • Frame is made from extruded aluminium and the base from PVC
  • Base holds about 25 litres of water
3-5 working days


3-5 working days


1 year parts / labour

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Code: WPX39492 H x W (mm): 841 x 594 Holds: A1 Price: £159.44 £127.55

Water / Sand Base Springy Pavement Sign

  • Easy fill water base adds stability to the advertising pavement sign
  • Easy to change the contents of the double-sided sign
  • Steel springs allow the sign to effectively sway in the wind
  • Anti-glare UPVC protective cover

What is the purpose of the Water Based Springy Pavement Sign?

The water based springy pavement sign is used to present your documents, adverts, offers, etc. to the general public. They are a simple, yet effective way to get your messages across to the general public. Quick and simple technique – set up and let your message sway in the wind!

Where can the Outdoor Advertisement Board be used?

The best place for this product to be used, is outdoors, on the side of a busy street. Place your sign outside or close to your business, to show the general public your offers. Let them see what you do and market your products effectively.

Who might use this product?

Any business owner who is on a busy street would want to use one of these A1 advertising boards to draw customers into their shop. Easy to use and proves to have effective results. Simple outdoor advertising.

How to set up the A1 Advertising Board

  1. Firstly you will need to screw the springs to the base.
  2. Once they are securely in place, attach the board to the springs and tighten.
  3. Fill the base with water (or sand) and place outside to advertise!

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