Pavement Cable Protector

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Unwind the Chaos, Safeguard the Path

  • Ultimate Cable Safety: The Pavement Cable Protector offers unparalleled protection for cables in high foot traffic areas, ensuring both cable and pedestrian safety.
  • Versatile Protection: Specifically designed to shield charging cables from pedestrian traffic, enhancing safety and prolonging cable life in busy areas.
  • Durable Construction: Features a heavy-duty moulded black rubber base and a robust plastic lid, ensuring long-lasting protection against wear and tear.
  • Hinged Lid Convenience: Equipped with a yellow plastic lid that allows easy access to cables, simplifying maintenance and adjustments with ease.
  • Ample Cable Channels: Contains two cable channels, each measuring 32(H) x 32(W) mm, offering ample space for different cable types and sizes.
  • No-Trip Design: Designed with a highly visible lid and sloped sides to minimise tripping hazards, enhancing safety in pedestrian areas.
  • High Visibility: The protector's bright yellow design ensures it's easily spotted, reducing the risk of tripping and enhancing pedestrian safety.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: This protector can connect multiple units with jigsaw connectors, offering extended coverage and flexibility for various layouts.
  • Compact & Effective: Each unit measures 45(H) x 990(L) x 245(D) mm, providing substantial coverage while maintaining a space-efficient footprint.
Pavement Cable Protector

Safeguard Your Cables

In the bustling corridors of urban and commercial spaces, the Pavement Cable Protector emerges as an essential ally in cable and pedestrian safety. This innovative solution is designed not just to protect vital cables from the constant tread of pedestrian traffic, but also to significantly enhance the safety and organisation of public walkways.

Expertly crafted with a focus on durability and visibility, the Pavement Cable Protector offers a robust defence against the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. Its clever design, featuring a hinged, highly-visible lid and ample cable channels, ensures easy access to cables while maintaining a clutter-free and safe walking environment. 

Shield Your Cables

In the modern urban landscape, where the mingling of technology and foot traffic is a common scene, the Pavement Cable Protector stands out as a guardian of your charging cables. Designed specifically to shield these vital lifelines from the hustle and bustle of pedestrian movement, it offers a unique blend of protection and peace of mind. This feature is not just about safeguarding the cables; it's about creating a harmonious space where technology and foot traffic coexist seamlessly.

The versatility of this protection lies in its thoughtful design, tailored to fit into a variety of settings, from busy shopping centres to quiet office environments. It provides a robust barrier against accidental damage, wear, and tear, ensuring that cables are not just out of sight but also out of harm's way. This feature addresses a critical need in today's tech-centric world, offering an efficient solution to manage and protect cables.

Pavement Cable Protector
Pavement Cable Protector

Built to Last

When it comes to protecting cables in high-traffic areas, the Pavement Cable Protector sets a new standard with its durable construction. Equipped with a heavy-duty moulded black rubber base and a robust plastic lid, this protector is designed to withstand the rigours of everyday pedestrian traffic without faltering. The strength of its materials ensures that your cables are safeguarded against all forms of wear and tear, making it an ideal solution for long-term cable management.

The significance of this durable construction cannot be overstated. The black rubber base provides stability and resilience, effectively absorbing the shock and pressure of continuous footfall. Meanwhile, the robust plastic lid offers not just protection, but also ease of access, ensuring that the cables underneath are easily reachable for maintenance or adjustments.

Pavement Cable Protector

Overall Dimensions

LengthLength990 mm
HeightHeight45 mm
WidthDepth245 mm
WidthLid Depth82 mm
DepthFixing Depth25 mm
WidthFixing Width16 mm
Width / HeightChannel Aperture32 x 32 mm
WeightWeight6.4 kg

Effortless Access, Enhanced Protection

The Pavement Cable Protector takes cable management to the next level with its ingeniously designed hinged lid. This yellow plastic lid isn't just a vibrant marker for visibility; it's a gateway to unparalleled ease of access. Whether it's for routine inspections, quick adjustments, or emergency repairs, the hinged lid opens smoothly, providing immediate and hassle-free access to the cables housed within. 

Beyond the convenience it offers, the hinged lid plays a critical role in the overall protection strategy of the Pavement Cable Protector. Its construction is thoughtfully engineered to balance ease of access with robust protection. When closed, the lid forms a secure seal, shielding the cables from external elements, be it dust, water, or the wear and tear of constant foot traffic.

Pavement Cable Protector
Pavement Cable Protector

Spacious and Organised

The Pavement Cable Protector excels in cable management, thanks to its ample cable channels, each meticulously designed to be 32 mm in height and width. This feature is more than just a space; it's a testament to thoughtful design, ensuring that a variety of cables, whether thick power cords or slender charging lines, can be accommodated with ease.

Moreover, the generous dimensions of these channels play a vital role in the protector's functionality. The 32(H) x 32(W) mm size is not just a random measurement; it's a carefully calculated choice to ensure that even cables with substantial connectors can pass through without any hassle. This attention to detail ensures that the Pavement Cable Protector is versatile enough to cater to a wide range of cable types and sizes.

Safety First

The Pavement Cable Protector redefines safety in cable management with its ingenious no-trip design. This feature is not just about aesthetics; it's a commitment to ensuring the well-being of pedestrians in high-traffic areas. With a highly visible lid and carefully sloped sides, it's designed to minimise tripping hazards, providing a safer environment for everyone.

The significance of this design becomes evident in its ability to enhance the overall safety of a space. The highly visible lid catches the eye, serving as a visual cue for pedestrians to navigate around it, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, the thoughtfully sloped sides not only prevent tripping but also facilitate the smooth passage of wheeled objects like strollers or carts. This feature isn't just about cable protection; it's about creating a secure and hazard-free atmosphere where people can move freely and confidently. 

Pavement Cable Protector
Pavement Cable Protector

Expand Your Protection

The Pavement Cable Protector introduces a revolutionary concept with its connectivity feature. Built with the ability to connect multiple units using jigsaw connectors, this innovation offers extended coverage and unmatched flexibility for cable management. It's not just a protector; it's a scalable solution that adapts to your evolving needs.

This feature's significance lies in its adaptability and versatility. It allows you to customise the length and layout of your cable protection system, ensuring that you can effortlessly safeguard cables across various spaces. Whether you need to cover a short walkway or a sprawling commercial area, the Pavement Cable Protector's connectivity feature ensures that you have the exact protection you need. 

Item Information

  • Dimensions: 45(H) x 990(L) x 245(D) mm.
  • Cable Channels: Two channels, each 32(H) x 32(W) mm.
  • Material: Black rubber base, robust plastic lid.
  • Unit Weight: Stable 6.4 kg for durability.
  • High Visibility: Lid designed for easy spotting.
  • No ground fixings needed: Self-supporting structure.
  • Suitable for pedestrian areas, not vehicular traffic.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Jigsaw connectors for extended coverage.
  • Adaptable for residential and commercial use, including EV charging stations.
  • All-Weather Durability: Suitable for different weather conditions.
  • Mobility and Reusability: Simple installation and relocation without ground fixings.
  • Dual-Channel Capacity: Accommodates multiple cable types and sizes.
Pavement Cable Protector

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Pavement Cable Protector

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Pavement Cable Protector
Pavement Cable Protector

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