Painter and decorators step ladders
Trade and domestic step ladder
Painters Stepladder
Painter and decorators step ladders
Trade and domestic step ladder
Painters Stepladder

Painters Stepladder

  • Quality swingback steps for trade and industrial use
  • BS2037 Class 1
  • Locking stays
  • 80mm deep non-slip serrated treads
  • Plastic feet
  • Self-colour Aluminium
  • Twin safety handrails and high support rail
  • Work tray

This is the ideal stepladder for trade and domestic use

5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: SK7017 Description: 2-Tread Platform Height (mm): 350 Price: £85.00 £80.75
Code: SK7018 Description: 3-Tread Platform Height (mm): 580 Price: £91.00 £86.45
Code: SK7019 Description: 4-Tread Platform Height (mm): 800 Price: £97.00 £92.15
Code: SK7020 Description: 5-Tread Platform Height (mm): 1030 Price: £121.00 £114.95
Code: SK7021 Description: 6-Tread Platform Height (mm): 1250 Price: £146.00 £138.70
Code: SK7022 Description: 7-Tread Platform Height (mm): 1480 Price: £173.00 £164.35

Painters Stepladder

Every painting company wants to make sure they perform high-quality work in all aspects of their job. A consistent and smooth paintjob requires technicians to get the proper working environment and vantage point. While larger ladders are bulky and hard to transport to work locations, homemade solutions such as boxes are often unstable and pose safety hazards. The Workplace Depot offers a useful Painters Stepladder to provide the right combination of size, safety, and utility to prove beneficial in any job. With a design built for trade and industrial use, this aluminum stepladder can be a handy tool for multiple situations.

What is The Purpose of The Painters Stepladder?

This aluminum stepladder provides a tough, durable, and functional tool for making painting jobs and other types of utility work go more smoothly. Even the most talented technicians sometimes require higher elevation to complete a job properly. This is especially valuable for helping painters reach higher areas to ensure their paintjob is smooth and consistent. With tough rubber feet and twin safety handrails, the unit can be used both indoors and outdoors without posing a safety hazard to workers or to the terrain.

Where Can This Product be Used?

Some companies are hesitant about using a ladder indoors as the feet can damage the floor. Designed to protect against scuff marks, this unit can make maneuvering and moving the ladder a safe process. In addition, the ladder has a handy work tray to let painters access their supplies in small rooms and perform jobs properly regardless of the location. Given the sturdy aluminum design, this stepladder can be transported on work trucks without worrying about weather damage.

Who Might Use This Product?

Painters of all skill levels can make use of this aluminum stepladder which is designed with quality swingback steps for trade and industrial use. With 80mm deep non-slip serrated treads and a high-support rail, anyone can use this product to access even the highest areas for painting. Utility and construction workers can also make use of this product, as it provides a sturdy and reliable way to perform complicated jobs that require additional height.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

With multiple models available, customers can choose any number of threads ranging between two and eight. In addition, one year warranties are offered with each model to provide maximum satisfaction. We will match any price and returns are easy. Improve your painting operation today with this stylish aluminum stepladder!

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