4 Step Ladder

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4 Step Ladder
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Fibreglass Strength, Professional Grade

  • Elevate Your Work: The 4 Step Ladder is a versatile tool, ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering safety and efficiency in various settings.
  • Fibreglass Revolution: Superior to Aluminium in both non-conductivity and durability, this ladder is a steadfast choice for rigorous, everyday use.
  • Electrician's Choice: Safety Assured with an electrician-approved design, this ladder ensures a safe working environment around electrical setups.
  • Tool Convenience: Built-In Top Tray offers easy access to tools and paint, enhancing your work efficiency by keeping essentials at arm's reach.
  • Stable Footing: Slip-Resistant, Heavy-Duty Steps provide a secure and comfortable platform, reducing fatigue and increasing safety during long working hours.
  • Heavy-Duty Support: Professional Load Capacity allows the ladder to handle up to 150kg, catering to a wide range of users and tools.
  • Grip Master: Moulded Rubber Feet ensure a strong grip on various surfaces, minimising slip risks while protecting floors from scratches and damage.
  • Safety First: EN-131 Standard Compliance ensures the ladder meets high safety standards, offering peace of mind in any work environment.
  • Compact & Accessible: Ideal Dimensions with a folded size of 1250mm (H) x 450mm (W) x 130mm (D), it's perfect for easy storage and transport.
4 Step Ladder

Step Up to Excellence

Discover the pinnacle of practicality and safety with the 4 Step Ladder, a masterpiece of design tailored for both professionals and home DIY enthusiasts. Its innovative features and sturdy construction are specifically engineered to provide a reliable and secure experience for a wide range of tasks, from simple home repairs to complex professional projects.

The ladder’s standout fibreglass construction not only outperforms traditional aluminium ladders in durability but also ensures non-conductivity, making it an ideal choice for electrical work. Its user-centric design, including a built-in top tray for tools and paint, slip-resistant steps, and a robust load capacity, enhances productivity while prioritising safety, embodying the perfect blend of functionality and convenience for every climb.

Fibreglass Innovation

Step onto the future of ladder technology with the 4 Step Ladder’s fibreglass construction, a game-changer in both safety and durability. Unlike traditional aluminium ladders, this fibreglass marvel offers a non-conductive surface, making it an indispensable tool for electricians and anyone working in proximity to electrical hazards. Its superior strength ensures that it withstands the rigours of daily use, making it a reliable choice for both professional and domestic environments.

The ladder’s fibreglass build not only enhances its lifespan but also provides a sturdy, stable platform for a variety of tasks. This material choice reflects a commitment to quality and user safety, ensuring that the ladder remains a steadfast partner in diverse working conditions.

4 Step Ladder
4 Step Ladder

Electrify Your Work

Harness the power of safety with the 4 Step Ladder's electrician-approved design, a breakthrough in ensuring secure and efficient work around electrical hazards. The non-conductive fibreglass frame eliminates the fear of electrical shocks, making it an ideal companion for electricians and any tradespeople frequently exposed to electrical installations.

The assurance of a non-conductive ladder allows professionals to focus on the task at hand without the constant worry of electrical conductivity. Whether it's for intricate electrical work or routine maintenance tasks, the 4 Step Ladder's electrician-approved design is your assurance of safety and reliability in any electrical work setting.

4 Step Ladder

Overall Dimensions


Elevate Your Efficiency

Transform your climbing experience with the innovative built-in top tray of the 4 Step Ladder, a feature designed to streamline your tasks and boost productivity. This convenient addition is more than just a tray; it's a mobile workstation that effortlessly holds your tools, screws, paint cans, and more, right where you need them. By eliminating the constant need to climb up and down for tools, this ladder significantly reduces your workload and increases efficiency on the job.

The top tray’s strategic design also enhances safety and organisation. It keeps essential tools and materials securely within arm's reach, minimising the risk of accidents caused by overreaching or frequent descents. This thoughtful feature is especially beneficial in professional settings where time and safety are of the essence.

4 Step Ladder
4 Step Ladder

Step with Confidence

Elevate your safety standards with the 4 Step Ladder, featuring slip-resistant, heavy-duty steps designed for ultimate security and comfort. These steps are meticulously crafted to provide a stable and reliable footing, ensuring that every climb is as safe as it is effortless. The heavy-duty nature of the steps means they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, making this ladder a dependable tool for any task, be it in a professional workshop or a home environment.

The slip-resistant aspect of these steps is a critical feature, especially in environments where spills or wet conditions are common. This design not only increases your safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls but also enhances comfort during prolonged use. Whether you're reaching for high shelves, painting a room, or conducting routine maintenance, the 4 Step Ladder's slip-resistant steps ensure a stable and comfortable platform, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with complete peace of mind.

Strong Support for Every Task

Step onto a platform of strength and reliability with the 4 Step Ladder, engineered to support up to 150kg with ease. This robust load capacity isn't just a number; it's a promise of unwavering support for a wide range of users and the tools they require for their tasks. Whether you're a professional tradesperson with heavy equipment or a home DIY enthusiast with various tools and materials, this ladder can handle it all, providing a stable and secure workspace.

The ladder's impressive load capacity is a testament to its superior construction and thoughtful design. It ensures that regardless of the task's demands – from heavy-duty construction work to simple home repairs – the ladder remains steadfast and resilient. This feature elevates the 4 Step Ladder from a mere tool to a reliable work partner, capable of accommodating the diverse needs of its users while ensuring their safety and comfort during every use.

4 Step Ladder
4 Step Ladder

Stability at Its Best

Embark on any task with unwavering confidence thanks to the 4 Step Ladder's moulded rubber feet, a feature meticulously designed to maximise grip and stability on various surfaces. Whether you're working on smooth concrete, delicate hardwood, or uneven outdoor terrain, these rubber feet provide exceptional traction, significantly reducing the risk of slips and slides.

Beyond the firm grip, the ladder's rubber feet play a vital role in protecting the surfaces you work on. They are engineered to leave no marks, scratches, or damage, preserving the integrity of your floors while you focus on the task at hand. This attention to detail makes the 4 Step Ladder an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring that it delivers performance without compromise. 

Meeting EN-131 Standards

Elevate your safety expectations with the 4 Step Ladder, meticulously constructed to meet the rigorous EN-131 standards. The standard guarantees that every aspect of the ladder, from its structural integrity to its load-bearing capacity, has been scrutinised and tested to provide unparalleled safety and reliability in any setting, whether professional or domestic.

Adhering to these standards means the ladder offers consistent quality and safety. It assures users that every climb is supported by a product that has been rigorously assessed for stability, durability, and safety features. This level of certification is particularly crucial for professionals who rely on their tools to keep them safe in challenging work environments. 

4 Step Ladder

Item Information

  • Fibreglass construction: Non-conductive, durable, superior to aluminium
  • Electrician-approved design: Safe for electrical work environments
  • Built-in top tray: Convenient for tools, paint cans
  • Slip-resistant, heavy-duty steps: Secure, comfortable footing
  • Load capacity: Supports up to 150kg
  • Moulded rubber feet: Enhanced grip, floor protection
  • Complies with EN-131 safety standards
  • Dimensions (folded): 1250(H) x 450(W) x 130(D) mm
  • Expanded dimensions: 1145(H) x 725(D)
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 5.5kg
  • User-friendly: Easy to move, store
  • Reinforced stability: Braces under top and bottom treads
4 Step Ladder

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4 Step Ladder

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4 Step Ladder
4 Step Ladder

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