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Order pickers

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The main buyers of order picking trolleys are companies involved in warehousing, distribution and logistics as well as some supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers. At larger warehouses many of the picking tasks will be automated, so picking trolleys tend to fill the niche where smaller items need to be collected by hand.

Double Container Order Picking Trolleys

By far the most popular item in our range is the double container trolley – having two containers means that the order picker can pick two different products at once. Green and grey coloured containers can also be used to help separate products. In supermarket, separating containers is important because the stock picker will have to separate food and clothing items from, for example, volatile or poisonous cleaning products. The containers will of course retain leaks.

The Workplace Depot has also sold double container trolleys to car assembly plants and electronic factories where component parts require assembling.

Double container trolleys

Step trolleysLight and Heavy Duty Step Trolleys

These are ideal for when items need to be picked from a height of 6 to 10 feet. Made from galvanised steel and zinc-coated they can be used in cold stores or with food stuffs or indeed in any 'clean' environment. The light duty has four swivel castors making it highly manoeuvrable and can accommodate 100kg on the top shelf. The heavy duty can take up to 150kg on the top shelf and in addition to the four swivel castors there are two wheels providing extra support. Both light and heavy step trolleys have a clipboard attached to aid picking.

Standard Order Picking Trolleys

These have blue powder-coated paint and are designed for 'dirty' environments like warehouses or engineering works but can of course also be used in stores and libraries. The integral, spring-loaded steps act as a firm brake when stood on and the two/three shelves can either be white, powder coated steel or plywood. The white trays have a 40mm retaining lip whilst the plywood has a 15mm lip.

Click here to see our full range of order picking trolleys.