Workplace Trends - Lockers are In, Clutter is Out

Posted on May 13, 2014

Blue workplace safety lockersWhen was the last time that you walked in to your workplace feeling like you’re in college again? While lockers are generally considered to be the hallmarks of schools and gyms, more recently, they are increasingly being used for drafting office plans.

Whenever we picture an office, images of congested cubicles and over-crowded private desks flash before us. For a long period of time, the typical illustration of a workplace had been chaotic, but this has changed. There are several reasons for the shift away from a cluttered office to an organised one.

Over the years, our working style and interactions have gone through significant changes. Laptops have replaced paper and keyboards have substituted pens. With these technological advancements, personal offices and sprawling desks are being considered as a waste of space and finance. Large office tables are now solely being used as status symbols, reminding employees of their importance in their particular workplaces; the clutter now belongs in the lockers.

The lower tier employees have lost their expansive desks to modest workstations. Some of them might resent this change, considering that they have to part with the private space for showcasing unprofessional items such as an entire album of family photos, framed and decorated randomly on their desks. Stuffed toys, decorative mugs and food items were also frequently discovered on office desks. In one particular case, when an employee’s desk was searched, it revealed collections of magazines from as far as 25 years back.

No matter how dear to the owners’ heart, such unnecessary articles project an unprofessional environment. The same things, when hidden away in a locker, will give the office a fresher, neat, uncluttered look. You can still place your family portrait inside your locker without showing it to the rest of the office. People are reluctant when it comes to getting rid of things, so instead of parting them from their valuables in their workspace, lockers provide a reasonable and cleaner solution.

Colourful school storage lockersAs the numbers of loose articles increase, the office starts getting cluttered and confusing. With the installation of lockers, each employee gets a specific storage where they can stash whatever they want. People also tend to use as much space as they get, so it becomes essential to restrict their storage space. In addition, lockers also keep belongings more secure; anyone can barge into your workspace and steal your teddy bear, but it is safer when it’s inside a locker. As compared to personal cubicles, lockers pay more heed to a person’s privacy. Items that you cannot openly place on your desk, you can easily store in the locker without fretting.

Lockers bring uniformity to the workplace

Without lockers, each employee’s desk would be decorated with different objects, which would create an air of disharmony in the office. Lockers endorse a professional environment, which is what the clients prefer. Lockers make an office look untarnished and up to date. Whenever a client walks in, the first thing he notices is the outlook of the company he will be working with in the future.

Once the employees get over the fear that the removal of their personal desk threatens their position in their workplace, they will start appreciating the benefits of using lockers. The absence of clutter would bring down the level of stress and confusion. An office with lockers would come across as more professional when compared to a conventional office using big, old, littered desks and office tables as storage space.

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