Giving Your Storage a Fresh Look

Posted on August 12, 2014

We’ve all thrown out furniture that we no longer want or need, but what about schools and leisure centres?  Have they ever thought of getting new lockers and throwing out the old ones?  Well think again.  How about taking those lockers and upcycling them, giving them a new home and a new role to play?  After crawling the internet for some nice looking, ex-lockers I thought I’d share with you my selected favourites. Lockers obviously come in all shapes and sizes and this one seems perfect to store your shoes in.  Nicely decorated and labelled with family member’s names. ...

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Recycling Campaign

Posted on December 03, 2012

A new campaign has been launched in Nottinghamshire to encourage locals to recycle more efficiently. Veolia Environmental Services, the county's waste collector, and Nottinghamshire County Council have been working together on a campaign called 'Are you Bin Smart?' to remind residents which items can and can't be recycled. This will not only help to reduce bin contamination but will also ensure that materials can be sorted efficiently at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) based in Forest Town, Mansfield. The campaign was first piloted in Mansfield and, following it's success, will be rolled out across Ashfield, Bassetlaw, Broxtowe, Gedling, Newark and Sherwood and Rushcliffe...

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Reasons an Environmentalist Might Hate Christmas

Posted on November 28, 2012

It's that time of year again, Christmas! The annual event that brings everyone together, family, friends, work colleagues, includes events such as stuffing ourselves silly with Christmas treats, chocolate, party snacks and singing and dancing to cheesy classics such as Mistletoe and Wine by Sir Cliff Richard and John Lennon's Happy Christmas (War is Over). But does anyone think about the environmental implications Christmas has on the world? Facts about Christmas and the environment According to The Mirror online in 2009, 200,000 trees are felled to make the 1.7 billion Christmas cards sent in the UK and 750,000 letters are sent to Santa by children in the UK each year...

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Case Study – Becoming a 'Greener' Company

Posted on November 06, 2012

In 2012 the Workplace Depot decided to become a more environmentally aware organisation and set a good example for staff and customers. Having implemented a number of ideas we applied for and won a Green Apple Award in recognition or our environmental efforts. A number of companies have asked us what things we did to win our green business credentials, so here is an outline of most of what we did. Reduction in paper use ...

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Think Green Initiative #1 - Simply Recycle

Posted on May 24, 2012

Sometimes, thinking outside the box can be hard work. New initiatives can take lots of effort and time to develop and implement. Why start big? Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. You often hear the term "build from the foundations up", well this is what we plan on doing with our first Think Green initiative... RECYCLE! It sounds so simple but that is exactly what we will try to do more of. We are trying to raise awareness within our head office to promote correct waste management. Each desk and office has been provided with one of our mini recycling bins and we will be encouraging all staff to use them correctly. Training to ensure awareness of the correct bins to use will be given and...

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