PVC Foam Matting - All You Need to Know

Posted on May 10, 2016

pvc foam mattingThere are lots of jobs in the world that require employees to stand for extended periods of time. Whether these jobs are in retail, restaurant, manufacturing, heavy commercial, an industrial setting, standing for a long period of time can be strenuous on the feet, legs, back and other parts of the body. Standing on hard and unforgiving surfaces is primarily to blame for this growing discomfort and fatigue, and the solution is simpler than one might think.

One of the best ways to counteract the physical strain that occurs during long periods of standing is to provide PVC mats for employees to stand on. PVC mats provide comfort and cushioning that positively affects posture, assist with fatigue, and removes the strain on joints, ligaments, tendons, bones and other soft tissues.

Why PVC Foam Matting Works

The science behind PVC foam matting is very simple and logically it would seem that standing on something softer would be more comfortable, so why is it also less tiring?

PVC mats are designed to force the body to sway from side to side and front to back, which means there is also subtle movement in numerous legs muscles. Movement in the leg muscles promotes the flow of blood through the legs, which eliminates slow moving or stationary blood. This stagnant blood is what causes the legs and individuals to feel fatigue and pain when standing for long periods.

The science behind PVC mats is to ensure that they’re engineered to provide just the right amount of firmness. If there is too much give in PVC mats then employees will use too much energy trying to maintain their balance, but if they’re too hard they won’t be much different from any other hard surface.

PVC Foam Matting for Different Applications

As not all jobs are the same there are a variety of different types of PVC mats to suit different industries and jobs. Some mats might require firmer non-slip surfaces that ensure the comfort and safety of employees. These types of mats might be found in commercial kitchens where water can be a hazard. Oil resistant PVC mats are also popular in places like auto shops, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial sites where grease and oil are used. These types of PVC mats won’t deteriorate when soaked with oil or other solvents and allow these liquids to pass through them without adhering to them in order to maintain a safe surface area.

Overall PVC mats are an essential part of any job that requires long periods of standing, regardless of the industry. The Workplace Depot has a wide variety of PVC mats available to suit just about every need.

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