Equipping a First Aid Room

Posted on October 11, 2012

First aid, treatment or sick roomEmployers should consider having a first aid room if their workplace has significant hazards or where access to medical facilities is difficult. If you set-up a First Aid Room you will need to think about the following factors regarding the room:

  • Requirements for privacy
  • Entrance needs to be able to accommodate a stretcher or wheelchair
  • Ideally has a wash basin and nearby toilet facilities
  • If possible a ground floor location
  • Adequate ventilation/heating/lighting
  • Someone needs to take responsibility for the room and its contents (out of date/stock items, cleaning etc)

The First Aid Room

The Medical or treatment room needs to be equipped in a way that is appropriate to your workplace – there's quite a difference between a large factory using hazardous materials/machinery and a medium-sized office. First Aid Rooms will require some or all of the following:

For more information please see the terms of the Health & Safety Approved Code of Practice L74 March 1997 and visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

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