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Category Archives: Cycle Storage

Bike Storage News from The Workplace Depot

How Your Business Can Get Ready for Bike Week

Posted under Cycle Storage, Storage, Upcycling on June 16, 2015

Trsz_5725624843_58c7385363_m (1)he week of June 13th – 21st marks one of the biggest events in the UK: Bike Week. During this time, over half a million ride their bicycles to the market, work, and beyond. Bike Week encourages us to experience the health, social and environmental benefits of biking. This year, the goal is to get participants to bike to work. If you are running an office, there are major benefits to encouraging your employees … Read more

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Don’t be a victim of bike theft

Posted under Cycle Storage on June 2, 2015

There isbike theft no doubt that bike theft has reached astronomical heights.  Many bike shops will tell you that they hear about thefts occurring with bikes all of the time. But has bicycle theft become more prevalent, or have bicycle owners become more complacent? It may be a bit of both.

Are You Locking Up?

Even though bicycle owners have been advised time and again that locking their bike is one of the easiest ways to … Read more

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6 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Bike from Getting Stolen

Posted under Cycle Storage, Security on January 14, 2014

Avoid getting your bike stolen by using bike racksSo, you invested your precious savings in the bike of your dreams and are now feeling great thinking you made the right investment. A bike gives you joy and freedom when you are riding it, apart from giving you better fitness and health; however, getting your bike stolen can be equally frustrating and depressing. Around 20,000 bikes are reported stolen in London each year. If you don’t want to wind down like those 20,000 heartbroken … Read more

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Keeping Bikes Safe and Secure at Work

Posted under Cycle Storage, News, Workplace Commentary on December 16, 2013

Bykebins - safe bike storageAn average of 20,000 bikes get stolen in London each year, reports the TFL website. Britons get to keep their bikes for an average of 23 months before they are whisked away, and over one-third of the owners never report the theft. Bike theft is common because thieves consider it a low risk crime, but losing a bike is a big setback for the victim. Not only are you deprived of your expensive bike, but … Read more

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Disastrous Examples of Bad Garage Storage

Posted under Cycle Storage on November 22, 2013

garage-messWe use the garage to store anything for which we can’t find a place for in the house. Old furniture, old appliances, shoes, clothes, toys, car and garden tools, old books, old carpets, bicycles, tyres, car-care chemicals, and many other items gradually find their way into the garage, turning it into a cramped, cluttered place. The space inside your garage is not unlimited, and you realize this the day you run out of room for … Read more

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Daylight robbery – would you call 999 on these bike thieves?

Posted under Cycle Storage, News, Security on October 9, 2013

bikesWith more and more statistics being released about the number of bike thefts in the UK and the awareness of bike thieves operating around the country growing, you would think by now that people know how important it is, when using a bike, to lock it up safely and securely. Well, that may not be the case as the number of bikes being stolen in the UK is still high, with 7800 bikes reported stolen … Read more

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