Cycle Storage

Disastrous Examples of Bad Garage Storage

Posted on November 22, 2013

We use the garage to store anything for which we can't find a place for in the house. Old furniture, old appliances, shoes, clothes, toys, car and garden tools, old books, old carpets, bicycles, tyres, car-care chemicals, and many other items gradually find their way into the garage, turning it into a cramped, cluttered place. The space inside your garage is not unlimited, and you realize this the day you run out of room for parking your car. Or, if you can still park your car in your garage, you can't open the doors unless you rearrange the storage. How a Garage Storage becomes a Mess There can be unlimited examples of disastrously bad garage storage, thanks to the absolute randomness of the storage activity. There's no particular order or arrangement when you have been storing things in your garage for a few months or years. Ultimately, you reach a stage where your garage turns into a man-cave with stuff piled up everywhere. You dread the time when you need to reach...

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Daylight Robbery - Would You Call 999 on These Bike Thieves?

Posted on October 09, 2013

With more and more statistics being released about the number of bike thefts in the UK and the awareness of bike thieves operating around the country growing, you would think by now that people know how important it is, when using a bike, to lock it up safely and securely. Well, that may not be the case as the number of bikes being stolen in the UK is still high, with 7800 bikes reported stolen in May this year. Cambridgeshire Police took it upon themselves to shock people into securing their bikes more effectively. There were 2100 bikes were stolen in Cambridge in the last year. In an attempt to encourage people to lock up their bikes, Cambridgeshire Police hosted a small stunt that was captured on the city’s CCTV. Four actors were sent into the busy centre of Cambridge and there they were captured on CCTV stealing four bikes. The video clip shows a number of b...

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How to Keep Your Bike Safe

Posted on September 16, 2013

The population is becoming more environmentally friendly, and as a consequence, more and more people are now pedalling their way to work, school or about town. Many of our team members here at The Workplace Depot chose to cycle to work and the introduction of the endearingly dubbed “Boris Bikes” in London has brought to light how easy and practical cycling in the capital can be, and now 1/4 of all London traffic is made up of cyclists. Motorised traffic is the single largest source of air pollution in city areas and the amount of pollution caused by traffic and transport is increasing every year. Motor vehicles emit a variety of pollutants such as Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides , Ozone, Particulates , acidic compounds, and Carbon Dioxide, all of which are harmful to the environment. In order to combat this, or to at least limit the amount of greenhouse gases we produce, cycling from place to place instead of using a car is much less harmful to our atmosphere. The...

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Exercise Whilst Travelling to Work

Posted on April 03, 2013

Here at The Workplace Depot, most of the staff either walk, cycle or take public transport to work, and even walk into the town for lunch! So this is why we thought it would be a great idea to join The Big Wheel Campaign, which is to start on the 8th April. It is all about encouraging companies to exercise more by walking, cycling or use public transport to travel to work - and whoever travels the most miles via these methods, wins! But it's not just about the winning, its the taking part and considering we won the Silver Green Apple Award last year, we want to keep that up! Any workplace can join in with the campaign or just do it themselves. Most commuters spend at least 30 minutes to 2 hours per day t...

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