Advantages of Customer Service in the Workplace

Posted on September 13, 2014

Customer ServiceMost, if not all, businesses have some sort of customer service in place – whether they really know it or not!

However those that do know it, are sure to benefit from it. Speaking on behalf of a company who specialises in customer service, I have recognised the importance of, as well as treating the customer well throughout the initial process of using your product or service, it is extremely beneficial when following up on customers to ensure after care.

Whether that’s a simple phone call to guarantee all is well with the product or if they enjoyed the service, or even an email just to let them know that you are appreciative of their individual custom and would like to welcome them again, these are nice things to hear as a customer and you become remembered.

Three Advantages of Customer Service

  • Customer/Client Loyalty; as previously touched on, treating the customer with care can result in repeat custom and customer loyalty. Handling a potential complaint well whilst maintaining company policy can help to ensure that you do not lose the person’s custom. Even if they were originally ringing to complain about something, being treated well whilst the issue is being addressed will mean they are more likely to use your business again!
  • Reputation Growth; following on from customer loyalty, the news will soon spread of your company’s ability to carry out effective customer service. If this is the case, you will receive a free method of advertising through word of mouth from your customers to their friends and family, which will make your marketing campaigns in terms of online and direct methods more successful.
  • Product/Service Evaluation – this allows your company to acknowledge reviews of products and whether they can adapt on any of the strengths or weaknesses that have been pointed out to them. For example if you receive a complaint about the same thing more than once, you can begin to amend the area of where this complaint stems from, and similarly if you receive numerous positive reviews, you can try and build upon this product or service to make it even better or reach a further audience.

Of course, customer service isn’t just reserved for the end customer. Whether you sell straight to the consumer or B2B, you must treat all your contacts equally. Just this morning we received a huge box of popcorn to sample from the company ‘Proper Corn’ for supplying them with a sample kick step!

It is also important to remember that even though you might want to expand your business, or the audience that use your business, you shouldn’t replace this with taking care of your existing customers. After all, these are the people who created your success in the first place and although they may still be with you due to your customer service system, it is important to repeat the process you follow when a customer originally buys from you; this will allow your consumers to know that your interest in them isn’t just a one off.

Don’t forget though if you’re client isn’t a fan of a certain style of customer service, you can always offer them alternative methods of gaining their feedback. For example, if you are giving them a telephone call, some people might consider this as slightly annoying, so you might want to suggest to the consumer if they would prefer an alternative method of contact, such as an email.

Inevitably, some customers might not like to be contacted at all, but as soon as it is explained to them the nature of the call, although this might be difficult at first, it is simply a conversation that could last for minutes, if not seconds.

What we offer here at The Workplace Depot is unique, by offering follow up calls and queries to customers who have purchased from us, to see how they are getting on with their product.

If you have experienced exceptional customer service from us, please feel free to email us at: – we would love to receive your feedback!

Alternatively, if you would like to put our customer service skills to the test, head on over to our website and see what you can pick up!

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