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Item Information

  • Product is made from steel - beware of cheap plastic imitations!
  • 400mm high platform
  • Ideal shelving access aid for office use
  • Moves around on spring loaded castors that retract when used as a step
  • Non-slip rubber treads
  • 150kg capacity
  • Top diameter 260mm
  • Base diameter 430mm
  • Product weight 4.5 kg
  • Please Note: Each step is supplied in two pieces but once attached you're unable to separate them.


What is a Kick Step?

A Kikalong step is the top of the range kick stool product available to buy. The product itself is a stepping stool that can be used to stand on to get to those out of reach places safely and securely. The ingenious design of this product is such that is both lightweight and mobile. The base has spring loaded castors that allow the step to be moved freely and easily across any surface. The springs then ensure that the kick step is fixed in place and will not move whilst it is being stood on. This provides very high levels of safety and security when people are stood upon it. The kickalong has rubber treads for added security and reducing the risk of slipping whilst raised above the ground. The kikalong step stool is known for its excellent quality and is the highest quality brand of step. It is made of steel and is extra strong and robust.

What is the purpose of a Kikalong Step?

A kick-along is a robust, sturdy stool which can be stood on in order to reach high places. The purpose of the kick stool is to assist people in reaching objects that are on high shelves, which are out of reach when the person is stood on the floor. The kickalong step provides a safe and sturdy platform on which you can stand on and not worry about it giving way underneath you or toppling over. The rubber base and spring loaded castors prevent the step stool from slipping on polished surfaces. It also provides you with a stool that is mobile and can be moved around all sorts of different locations. The castors fitted beneath the step make it easy to be moved and “kicked”, as the name suggests, from place to place.

Where can a Kikalong Step be used?

Kick steps are widely used throughout the world in a variety of different situations. The most commonly seen use of a step stool is in a supermarket. This product is used in supermarkets up and down the country and has proved itself to be an essential tool in these types of locations. Supermarket shelves are often stacked high with products, which staff can often find difficult to reach. Being equipped with multiple stepping stools is a way to combat this issue as the shelves and products can be reached with ease when stood on a kick step. We must not forget that supermarkets also have vast, full warehouses where produce may also be stacked out of reach. This is another perfect location for the use of a step stool, making reaching those difficult products much easier. The kikalong is lightweight and mobile, making it perfect for office space. Its compact size makes it easy to store and so it does not cause clutter and untidiness in a busy office. If there are high filing cabinets in the workplace or products placed high up in store cupboards then by having a kick along step you will be able to reach them easily and safely.

Product Specification:

The Kickalong Stepping Stool is available in different colours: Blue, grey, red and black. The stool itself stands at 400mm high to give extra reach. The diameter of the top of the step measures 260mm, and the bottom is 430mm. The product weighs 4.5kg and can withstand a total weight of 150kg. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year guarantee on all products and labour.

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Capacity (kg) 150
Colour Black
Height (mm) 400
Material Steel
Weight (kg) 4
Delivery Time 5-7 working days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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