15 Items That You Need for a Construction Site

Posted on March 12, 2013

What do you need for a construction site? Hazard tape? Fencing? We have put together a list of 15 items that you may need for a construction site.

1. Barrier Planks

You may also see barrier planks alongside traffic cones. A Barrier Plank System is used to mark off working areas which creates a safe environment for workers and the public. A Barrier Plank System is made up of cones, adaptors and highly visible, reflective barrier planks. You can buy the parts separately or the complete barrier system from The Workplace Depot.

2. Cranes

A self standing, mobile crane can be incredibly useful for lifting heavy items such as building materials, piping, bricks and metal parts.

3. Drum and Gas Cylinder Trucks

Drum and gas cylinder trucks help move large and heavy oil/waste drums and gas canisters. Other than drum trucks, there are also drum lifters, caddys, stackers, positioners, tippers and clamps.

4. External Cable Protectors

When electrical equipment is being used, whether that is for tools or to power a mobile unit, wires can come from all directions. To prevent any accidents to workers or the wiring being damaged, use some cable protectors. External cable protectors will be unaffected by any heavy wheel traffic and do not require any fixing. They protect heavy duty cables in any kind of conditions.

5. Hazard Tape

A quick and reliable way of cordoning off areas that are under construction or restricted to the public. Hazard tape is excellent for drawing attention to potential trip hazards or dangerous areas with a construction site or road works.

6. High Visibility Clothing

On a construction site, wearing PPE clothing, is essential for staying safe when working around machinery and in potential hazardous conditions. It is also vital that reflective clothing is worn when working outdoors, in poor light or bad weather conditions. Our high visibility clothing conforms to EN471 in different classes: including trousers Class 1:2 and EN 343 Class 3:1, vests Class 2 and jackets Class 3.

7. Line Marking Paint

Marking areas that need working on or that workers need to be aware of when working around the construction site. Using line marking paint will allow fast and accurate application when trying to mark something on the ground e.g. potholes.

8. Mandatory Signs

Safety signs are placed around a construction site to ensure that certain actions are carried out in certain areas such as: 'Wear ear protectors' or 'Wear goggles'.

9. Mesh Lockers

Mesh Lockers are ideal for using on a construction site, they are lightweight and provide security and visibility. Mesh lockers are less likely to look untidy and messy than metal lockers as dirt and dust will not be seen and also they look aesthetically pleasing in a room.

10. Skips

Having somewhere to put rubbish in is essential for keeping the construction area tidy and safe. The Workplace Depot sell a metal dump truck/skip on a dolly making is manoeuvrable. It is welded oil tight to avoid any leakages and the chassis has integrated fork lift guides, perfect for transporting around.

11. Temporary Fencing

Some construction work only takes a short period of time and temporary fencing is ideal for cordoning off areas temporally. Temporary fencing can be anything from, security fencing, plastic net fencing, manhole barriers and plastic construction barriers.

12. Traffic Cones

You usually see traffic cones marking off an area of construction, mainly on roads or paths. They are used as a barrier to divert traffic and pedestrians around a construction site to avoid any accidents. Cones can also be used for temporary road lanes on busy roads and also to protect road workers.

13. Trench Cover

A trench cover, also known as a drain cover gives away its use in the name. It covers up any unstable drains, holes and uneven surfaces so that it is safer for traffic and pedestrians to go over.

14. Workwear Accessories

Dust masks, ear protectors, safety goggles, work gloves and hard hats are all workwear which should be worn on a construction site. All of this safety clothing will help prevent illness and injury when working in a hazardous environment.

15. Work Platforms

Need a boost or a lift when working? A platform ladder is the easiest and safest solution when trying to work high up. Or you could use a scissor lift to make the work safer for employees when trying to lift heavy items.


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