Mechanical Mini Lifter
 Mechanical Stacker
Variable attachments
Mechanical Mini Lifter
 Mechanical Stacker
Variable attachments

Mechanical Mini Lifter (Mechanical Stacker)

  • 100-200kg capacities
  • 1500mm max lift height
  • Operated via hand winch
  • Auto brake system
  • Fully floating castors allow use in tight areas
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Mechanical stacker has a maxinum height 1500 mm
  • Manual
10-15 days


10-15 days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: WPM-100 Description: Mini lifter 100kg capacity Price: £622.00 £609.56
Code: WPM-200 Description: Mini lifter 200kg capacity Price: £667.00 £653.66


Code: WPSB Description: Single boom Price: £126.00 £123.48
Code: WPVB Description: V block Price: £192.00 £188.16
Code: WPDS Description: Double spindle Price: £239.00 £234.22
Code: WPR Description: Rotator Price: £621.00 £608.58

Mechanical Mini Lifter (Mechanical Stacker)

What is the purpose of the Mechanical Mini Lifter?

Doing mechanical repetitive work can sometimes encourage familiarity which leads to accidents. In order to avoid putting employees into these kinds of situations, the mechanical mini lifter was developed to aid in common tasks such as lifting and holding items for an extended period of time.

Where can this product be used?

This lifter is a versatile piece of hardware that can be utilised in a lot of different functions. In the case of warehouses, the mechanical mini lifter is able to do the job of lifting and holding items that employees may then stack. When painting indoors, sometimes decorators need to rely on methods for holding their paint cans that may give way without warning. The mechanical mini lifter does a great job of helping with this function.

Who might use this product?

This lifter is quite useful in office spaces that may be cramped for space. Due to the minimalistic design and the small nature of the hardware, the mechanical mini lifter can be used to lift files or entire cabinets for storage without being too much of a nuisance when not in use.

Mechanical Mini Lifter Specifications

The Workplace Depot's mechanical mini lifter can take between 100kg and 200kg of weight and can raise this weight to a maximum height of 1500mm. This item is not automated and does not come with a motor. Rather it comes with a hand winch that is used to raise or lower the platform. The fully floating castors are ideal for use in small spaces. The mechanical mini lifter comes with a built-in auto brake system that ensures that it won't inadvertently crash into anything.

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