Electric Stackers
Electric stackers have built in battery charged lifter
Variable Lifter arms
Electric Stackers
Electric stackers have built in battery charged lifter
Variable Lifter arms

Electric Mini-Lifter

  • All stainless steel electric stacker
  • Built-in battery charger allows the truck to be charged from any 13amp socket
  • Fully floating castors allow for operation in very tight areas
  • 100-200kg capacity electric stackers
10-15 days


10-15 days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: WPE-100 Capacity (KG): 100 Max Height (mm): 1700 Price: £1,048.00 £1,027.04
Code: WPE-150 Capacity (KG): 150 Max Height (mm): 1500 Price: £1,443.00 £1,414.14
Code: ITE10015 Capacity (KG): 100 Max Height (mm): 1500 Price: £2,752.00 £2,696.96
Code: ITE10020 Capacity (KG): 100 Max Height (mm): 2000 Price: £3,255.00 £3,189.90
Code: ITE20015 Capacity (KG): 200 Max Height (mm): 1500 Price: £3,479.00 £3,409.42
Code: ITE20020 Capacity (KG): 200 Max Height (mm): 2000 Price: £3,788.00 £3,712.24
Code: ITE10015SS Capacity (KG): 100 Max Height (mm): 1500 Price: £5,862.00 £5,744.76


Code: ITES Description: Roll & Coil Handler Price: £109.00 £106.82
Code: ITEB Description: Bevelled Platform Price: £211.00 £206.78
Code: ITEP Description: Work Platform Price: £228.00 £223.44
Code: ITEG Description: Job Crane Arm Price: £723.00 £708.54
Code: ITEC Description: Roller Bed Platform Price: £957.00 £937.86
Code: ITER Description: Drum & Roll Turner Price: £1,252.00 £1,226.96

Electric Mini-Lifter

The electric mini-lifter is the perfect solution to all of your stacking needs. Complete with a running list of accessories, this stacker can make all of your lifting jobs easy and finished in a short period of time.

What is the purpose of the Electric Mini-Lifter?

The purpose of this electric stacker is to do just that, help you stack items in a safe and fast environment. This stainless steel electric stacker has the capacity to lift items weighing up to 200kg. It can be used in even the tightest of areas with the fully floating castors. Keeping your lifter charged is essential in utilizing it to its top performance. Running out of battery power should never be a concern. The electric mini-lifter comes with a built in battery charger that allows for the lifter to be charged from any 13amp socket.

Who might use this product?

This is the perfect product for anyone who does routine lifting in their day-to-day job. Utilizing a tool to help you lift and stack items can help you do your job quickly and efficiently. Additionally, using an electric stacker can reduce the risk of injury to your employees by taking the strain of manually lifting and stacking stock off of their plate.

Electric Mini-Lifter Specifications

The electric mini-lifter comes in seven variations of the product and price is determined on the one you choose. There are a multitude of accessories that come with this lifter, including a bevelled platform, a roller bed platform, a job crane arm, a work platform, a drum and roll turner and a roll and coil handler. These items can be purchased separately and function as an addition to an already great product. Free three-day delivery is offered to any UK mainland destination and comes with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

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