Wheel Stop

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Master Your Parking Space

  • Introducing Wheel Stop: Revolutionise parking with this versatile tool, perfect for garages, showrooms, and more, offering precise parking guidance and vehicle safety.
  • Tactile Parking Precision: Feel the difference as Wheel Stop provides tactile feedback, ensuring you park perfectly every time, reducing vehicle damage.
  • See Clearly, Park Safely: Bright, reflective yellow sections on both sides make Wheel Stop visible in any lighting, enhancing safety and guiding drivers.
  • Durable by Design: Crafted from moulded recycled rubber, Wheel Stop promises long-lasting durability, ready to withstand daily use in any parking scenario.
  • Weather-Resistant Reliability: Designed to endure diverse climates, Wheel Stop remains highly effective and durable, no matter the weather conditions.
  • Warning Made Visible: The distinct yellow chevron pattern offers a clear visual warning to drivers, enhancing safety and reducing parking errors.
  • Flexible Installation Options: Use Wheel Stop as a standalone, pair it up, or create a continuous line for customised parking solutions in any space.
  • Easy, Secure Installation: Included concrete and tarmac compatible fixing bolts ensure a permanent, stable installation of Wheel Stop in any parking area.
  • Compact Dimensions, Big Impact: Measuring 100(H) x 550(W) x 145(D) mm, Wheel Stop is the compact, yet highly effective solution for modern parking needs.
Wheel Stop

Precision, Visibility, and Durability 

Embark on a new era of parking excellence with Wheel Stop, the ultimate parking accessory designed to redefine your parking experience. This innovative solution, crafted from durable recycled rubber, offers a unique blend of tactile feedback and enhanced visibility, ensuring a perfect park every time.

Wheel Stop isn’t just about precision; it's about bringing peace of mind to every driver. With its highly visible, reflective yellow sections and weather-resistant construction, it stands as a guardian against parking mishaps in various climates and lighting conditions. Whether in a bustling garage, a sleek showroom, or a convenient refuelling station, Wheel Stop is your steadfast ally in parking perfection.

Feel the Difference

Experience a new level of parking precision with Wheel Stop's innovative tactile feedback feature. As you glide into your parking space, Wheel Stop provides a physical cue, signalling the exact moment your vehicle is perfectly positioned. This tactile response eliminates guesswork and enhances driver confidence, ensuring a flawless park every time.

This unique feature is not just about convenience; it's a safeguard against the all-too-common scrapes and bumps in tight parking spaces. The tactile feedback of Wheel Stop acts as an intuitive guide, helping drivers of all skill levels to navigate even the most challenging parking scenarios with ease. Say goodbye to parking stress and hello to seamless, accurate parking with Wheel Stop.

Wheel Stop
Wheel Stop

Spot Your Spot

Illuminate your parking experience with Wheel Stop's reflective yellow sections, ingeniously designed for maximum visibility in all conditions. Whether it's the bright light of day or the dim glow of evening, these vibrant yellow sections catch the eye, guiding drivers seamlessly into their parking spot. This feature ensures that Wheel Stop is not just seen, but is a striking visual guide in any lighting scenario.

The significance of this feature extends beyond mere visibility; it's a critical safety element. In low-light conditions or during inclement weather, the reflective nature of these yellow sections stands out, reducing the risk of parking mishaps and enhancing overall safety. With Wheel Stop, drivers can navigate with confidence, knowing that their parking aid is clearly visible, day or night, rain or shine.

Wheel Stop

Overall Dimensions


Built to Last

Discover the robust nature of Wheel Stop, meticulously constructed from moulded recycled rubber for unmatched durability. This resilient material ensures that the Wheel Stop withstands the test of time and usage, maintaining its structural integrity and functional prowess under the strain of daily vehicular pressure. Its robust construction promises long-term reliability, making it a wise investment for any parking space.

Beyond its strength, the use of recycled rubber in Wheel Stop speaks to a commitment to environmental sustainability. By choosing this eco-friendly material, Wheel Stop not only offers a durable parking solution but also contributes to the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources. It's a product that benefits its users and the planet alike, showcasing a perfect blend of durability and environmental responsibility.

Wheel Stop
Wheel Stop

Brave the Elements

Wheel Stop stands as a paragon of resilience, engineered to be highly weather-resistant and suitable for any climate. Whether facing the scorching sun, relentless rain, or freezing snow, it retains its integrity and functionality. This enduring resistance ensures that Wheel Stop remains effective and reliable, providing consistent parking guidance and protection in every weather condition.

The significance of this feature is profound. It means that regardless of your geographic location or the environmental challenges it presents, Wheel Stop is your steadfast parking ally. This adaptability to various climates not only extends the lifespan of the product but also guarantees safety and performance year-round. With Wheel Stop, you can be confident that your parking solution is as enduring as the elements themselves.

Clear Warning, Safer Parking

The Wheel Stop is not just a tool for precision parking; it's also a beacon of safety, thanks to its distinctive yellow chevron pattern. This eye-catching design serves as a clear, unmistakable warning to drivers, signalling the boundary of parking spaces with unmistakable clarity. This feature is especially crucial in bustling parking environments where driver attention might be divided.

Beyond its functional role, the chevron pattern also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Wheel Stop, adding a touch of professionalism and order to any parking area. Whether in a commercial car park, a private garage, or a retail space, the sharp, clean lines of the chevron pattern contribute to an environment of safety and structure. The Wheel Stop, with its bold design, does more than guide; it informs and impresses, ensuring that each parking experience is not just safe, but also visually pleasing.

Wheel Stop
Wheel Stop

Versatile Placement, Tailored Solutions

The Wheel Stop shines in its versatility, designed to be used effectively as a standalone, in pairs, or in a continuous line. This flexibility allows for customised parking solutions tailored to the specific needs of any space, whether it's a compact home garage, a sprawling commercial car park, or a specialised vehicle showroom. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for diverse parking environments, offering a range of installation options to suit different layouts and space constraints.

This feature not only maximises the utility of the Wheel Stop but also enhances its efficiency. By allowing multiple configuration options, it caters to varying parking demands and space limitations, ensuring optimal usage and space management. Whether you need a singular stop for a specific spot or a series for organised parking lanes, Wheel Stop accommodates your requirements with ease, making it a go-to solution for versatile, effective parking management.

Secure Installation

The Wheel Stop goes beyond mere functionality, offering an assurance of permanence with its concrete and tarmac compatible fixing bolts. These specialized bolts ensure a secure, enduring installation on a variety of surfaces, providing a steadfast solution in any parking scenario. Whether you're installing it in a busy commercial car park or a private driveway, the Wheel Stop remains firmly in place, offering reliable performance day after day.

This feature is pivotal in enhancing the Wheel Stop's effectiveness and longevity. The compatibility with both concrete and tarmac surfaces means that it can be adapted to a wide range of environments without compromising on stability. The inclusion of these robust fixing bolts eliminates the need for additional purchases or guesswork in installation, making it a convenient, all-in-one solution for creating a safe and structured parking area. 

Wheel Stop

Item Information

  • Tactile feedback for precise parking end-point identification.
  • Reflective yellow sides for high visibility in low light.
  • Made from durable, molded recycled rubber for longevity.
  • Weather-resistant, suitable for diverse climates and conditions.
  • Warning yellow chevron pattern for clear visual guidance.
  • Versatile: standalone, paired, or continuous line placement.
  • Includes fixing bolts, compatible with concrete and tarmac.
  • Dimensions: 100(H) x 550(W) x 145(D) mm.
  • Lightweight design, weighing only 5kg for easy handling.
  • Eco-friendly, constructed from sustainable recycled materials.
  • High visibility in various lighting and weather scenarios.
  • Easy to install with provided hardware for permanent placement.
Wheel Stop

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Wheel Stop

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Wheel Stop
Wheel Stop

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