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Ensuring Every Step Is Safe

  • Ultimate Cable Management Solution: An indispensable mat for indoor environments, designed to safely conceal cables, reduce tripping hazards, and enhance aesthetics.
  • Durable Nylon Matting: Engineered for longevity, our Cable Mat features a hard-wearing nylon surface tailored for heavy-duty use, ensuring it withstands the test of time and traffic.
  • Secure Cable Channel: Equipped with a 40mm underneath channel, this mat offers a protected pathway for cables, safeguarding them against potential damage from foot traffic.
  • Stable and Safe: With its non-slip rubber backing, the mat stays securely in place on any indoor surface, significantly reducing the risks of slips, trips, and falls.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The highly visible hazard border, with its striking black and yellow design, alerts users to the presence of cables, significantly enhancing safety and awareness.
  • UV Resistant Design: Crafted with materials that resist UV damage, our Cable Mat maintains its vibrant appearance and functional integrity, even with prolonged exposure to light.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Steam cleanable for your convenience, this mat is easy to maintain, ensuring it remains hygienic and aesthetically pleasing with minimal effort.
  • Designed for Indoors: Specifically crafted for indoor use, the Cable Mat seamlessly integrates with your interior design, offering a perfect blend of functionality and style.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 6(H) x 1205(W) x 406(D) mm, with a weight of 2kg and 34mm edging width, our Cable Mat is designed to provide extensive coverage without being obtrusive.
Cable Mat

Embrace Safety and Style

In today’s fast-paced environments, where safety and aesthetics go hand in hand, the Cable Mat emerges as a game-changer. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it addresses the common yet overlooked hazard of unmanaged cables sprawling across floors. Its robust construction and sleek design not only promise to enhance the safety of your indoor spaces but also contribute to their visual appeal, making it an indispensable addition to any setting.

Beyond its primary function of cable management, the Cable Mat offers a suite of features aimed at elevating user experience. From its durable nylon matting that stands the test of time to its non-slip rubber backing ensuring stability, this mat is crafted to offer peace of mind. Its highly visible hazard border serves as a constant reminder of the care and thought invested in creating a safer environment, while its easy maintenance and UV-resistant materials ensure it remains a lasting and valuable part of your indoor landscape.

Durability Defined

At the core of the Cable Mat lies its nylon cable matting, a testament to the fusion of durability and design tailored for the rigours of heavy-duty use. This feature is not just about the mat's ability to withstand the daily trample of feet; it's a promise of endurance. Crafted from high-quality nylon, the matting is designed to resist wear, tear, and the gradual degradation that comes with constant use, ensuring that your investment remains robust and reliable over time.

The significance of this nylon construction extends beyond mere durability. It represents a commitment to maintaining the integrity of your workspace or home. By protecting cables from the potential damage inflicted by foot traffic, the mat safeguards your connectivity and the seamless operation of your electronic devices. It's an investment in the longevity of both the mat and the cables it protects, ensuring that the backbone of your tech-driven environment remains uninterrupted and efficient.

Cable Mat
Cable Mat

Secure Passage

In the realm of cable management, the Cable Mat introduces a pivotal feature: the 40mm underneath channel. This specially designed channel is not merely a cavity beneath the mat; it's a secure conduit for your cables, ensuring they are neatly tucked away and shielded from potential harm. This innovative design addresses a critical need for protecting cables from the constant pressure and abrasion caused by foot traffic, thereby extending the life of your cables and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

The significance of this feature extends to both safety and aesthetics. By concealing cables within this robust channel, the Cable Mat significantly reduces the risk of tripping hazards, promoting a safer environment for everyone who traverses the space. Furthermore, it contributes to a cleaner, more organised look, eliminating the clutter of cables and wires that can detract from the overall appearance of your area.

Cable Mat

Overall Dimensions


Visual Alert

Elevating safety through design, the Cable Mat introduces a critical feature for any high-traffic area: a highly visible hazard border. This striking black and yellow design is not merely an aesthetic choice; it serves as a proactive alert, cautioning users to the presence of potential trip hazards beneath their feet. The contrast of these colours ensures that the warning is immediately noticeable, enhancing the overall safety of the environment by making the mat's boundaries and the concealed cables within unmistakably clear.

The significance of this feature cannot be overstated. In bustling environments where attention is divided, the hazard border acts as a constant, visual reminder, reducing the risk of accidents. It is particularly beneficial in settings like workplaces, educational institutions, and public areas, where the safety of individuals is paramount.

Cable Mat
Cable Mat

Unwavering Stability

Grounded in safety and reliability, the Cable Mat boasts an essential feature that sets it apart: non-slip rubber backing. This foundational element ensures that the mat remains steadfast, not just as a surface covering but as a guardian against slips and unintentional movements. It's a testament to the mat's design, which prioritises the safety of its users, ensuring that the mat serves as a stable platform for foot traffic while protecting the cables it conceals.

The importance of this non-slip backing extends into every aspect of its application. In environments where safety is paramount, the assurance that the mat will stay in place under various conditions is invaluable. Whether it's an office bustling with activity or a home filled with lively footsteps, this feature guarantees that the mat contributes to a secure environment.

Enduring Brilliance

In an innovation that marries form with function, the Cable Mat showcases its use of UV resistant materials, a feature designed to preserve the mat's visual appeal over time. The resilience of these materials against UV degradation not only extends the lifespan of the mat but also ensures that its safety features remain prominently visible, regardless of exposure to natural light.

The importance of UV resistance extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's about maintaining the mat's effectiveness and value as a long-term investment. In environments where natural light is abundant, the potential for colour fading can compromise visibility and safety cues. However, with the Cable Mat's UV resistant construction, users can trust in a product that remains as functional and visually striking as the day it was installed.

Cable Mat
Cable Mat

Simplicity in Upkeep

The Cable Mat redefines maintenance ease with its steam cleanable feature, ensuring that keeping your mat in pristine condition is as simple as it is efficient. This attribute speaks volumes about the mat's design philosophy, where ease of care is paramount to ensure its longevity and sustained aesthetic appeal. Steam cleaning allows for a deep clean without the need for harsh chemicals, preserving the integrity of the mat's materials while ensuring it remains hygienic and visually appealing.

The significance of this feature extends beyond mere convenience; it represents a commitment to environmental responsibility and user safety. By facilitating a cleaning method that is both effective and gentle, the Cable Mat ensures that maintaining a fresh appearance and optimal performance does not come at the cost of exposing users or the environment to potentially harmful substances. This ease of maintenance ensures that the mat can continue to serve its dual purpose of protecting cables and enhancing safety.

Seamless Integration

The Cable Mat transcends traditional expectations with its indoor design specification, a feature meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly into any interior setting. This specification is not merely about the mat's functionality; it's a harmonious fusion of form and function, designed to complement the aesthetics of indoor spaces while providing essential safety and cable management solutions.

This focus on indoor-specific design underscores the Cable Mat's versatility and its ability to adapt to various decor styles and settings. Whether it's placed in a busy office, a classroom, or a living room, the mat's design ensures that it does not detract from the interior aesthetic but rather contributes to it. The incorporation of UV resistant materials and a highly visible hazard border ensures that the mat remains an effective safety tool without sacrificing style.

Cable Mat

Item Information

  • Hard-wearing nylon surface designed for durability in high-traffic areas
  • 40mm channel underneath secures and protects cables from damage
  • Non-slip rubber backing ensures mat stability, preventing slips and accidents
  • Striking black and yellow hazard border enhances safety visibility
  • UV resistant materials prevent colour fading for long-lasting appearance
  • Steam cleanable for easy, effective maintenance without harsh chemicals
  • Specifically crafted for indoor use, blending with interior aesthetics
  • Dimensions: 6(H) x 1205(W) x 406(D) mm for extensive coverage
  • 34mm edging width provides extra stability and clear boundary definition
  • Lightweight at 2kg, easy to position yet sturdy enough to stay put
  • Nylon and non-slip rubber composition for resilience and safety
  • Ideal for offices, homes, and schools with adaptable design for various settings
Cable Mat

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Cable Mat

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Cable Mat
Cable Mat

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