Floor Cable Cover

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Innovation Underfoot

  • Safe Cable Management Solution: Introducing the Floor Cable Cover, a versatile tool for organising and protecting cables.
  • Robust and Reliable: Made from resilient, heavy-duty rubber, this cable cover is designed for durability and longevity, enduring regular foot traffic and environmental factors.
  • Installation Made Easy: This cable cover features a straightforward setup process, requiring no special tools or skills, making it perfect for quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Spacious Cable Accommodation: With a channel that fits cables up to 11mm in diameter, this cover adapts to multiple cable sizes, offering a versatile solution for cable management.
  • Customizable Connectivity: Equipped with jigsaw connectors, the Floor Cable Cover allows for easy expansion and customization, adapting seamlessly to your specific layout needs.
  • Trip-Free Design: Featuring gently sloping edges, this cable cover minimises the risk of trips or slips, making it a safe choice for busy environments.
  • All-Weather Durability: Crafted from weather-resistant material, this cable cover is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing reliable cable protection in any setting.
  • Enhanced Safety with Non-Slip: The non-slip surface design of this cable cover enhances stability and safety, ensuring secure footing in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Compact and Convenient: Each unit of the Floor Cable Cover measures 20(H) x 1010(W) x 138(D) mm, providing substantial coverage while maintaining a low-profile design.
Floor Cable Cover

Unleash Order in Chaos

In today’s fast-paced world, where every detail counts, the Floor Cable Cover emerges as a beacon of order and safety. Designed to masterfully manage and protect cables, it transforms cluttered spaces into streamlined havens of productivity and security. This innovative solution is more than just a cable cover; it's a commitment to efficiency and safety in homes, offices, and industrial environments.

The Floor Cable Cover is a testament to the perfect blend of functionality and design. Its heavy-duty rubber construction ensures longevity and resilience, while its user-friendly features like easy setup and spacious cable channels make it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to safeguard their cables and reduce tripping hazards. This is not just a product; it's a game-changer in how we handle the often-overlooked yet critical aspect of cable management.

Rugged Endurance

At the heart of the Floor Cable Cover lies its Heavy-Duty Rubber Construction, a feature that redefines durability in cable management solutions. Crafted from high-grade, resilient rubber, this cable cover is engineered to withstand the rigours of heavy foot traffic and environmental factors. It's not just a cover; it's a shield that ensures the longevity of your cables and the cover itself, making it a wise investment for any setting.

This robust construction doesn't just promise longevity; it delivers a dependable sturdiness essential in high-traffic areas. Whether it's an office corridor, a busy workshop, or a bustling event space, the Floor Cable Cover remains unyielding to the constant wear and tear. It’s a blend of toughness and flexibility, offering peace of mind that your cables are secure and your environment is safe from the hazards of exposed wires.

Floor Cable Cover
Floor Cable Cover

Simplicity in Every Step

The Easy Setup feature of the Floor Cable Cover is a testament to simplicity and efficiency in cable management. This feature ensures that anyone can position and thread cables with ease, eliminating the need for special tools or professional skills. It's designed for quick, hassle-free installation, allowing you to secure and organise your cables in minutes. This ease of setup makes it ideal for rapid deployment in dynamic environments like offices, events, or home settings.

The significance of the Floor Cable Cover's easy setup extends beyond mere convenience. It empowers users to take control of their cable management without being dependent on external help or additional resources. This autonomy in installation is not just a time-saver; it's a cost-effective solution, ensuring that managing cables doesn't become a project but rather a swift, straightforward task. The Floor Cable Cover is more than a product—it's a practical, user-friendly approach to maintaining safety and organisation in any space.

Floor Cable Cover

Overall Dimensions


Room for Every Cable

The Spacious Cable Channel of the Floor Cable Cover stands out as a versatile solution for diverse cable management needs. Designed to accommodate cables up to 11mm in diameter, it caters to a wide range of cable sizes, from slender phone chargers to hefty power cords. This adaptability ensures that whatever your cable type, the Floor Cable Cover can securely house it, providing a neat and organised space.

Beyond mere accommodation, this feature is a reflection of the Floor Cable Cover's commitment to versatility and functionality. It eliminates the need for multiple covers for different cable sizes, offering a one-size-fits-all solution. This not only streamlines the look of your space but also simplifies the process of cable management. Whether it's for a home office, a professional studio, or a commercial setting, the spacious cable channel ensures that your environment remains tidy and hazard-free.

Floor Cable Cover
Floor Cable Cover

Connect & Expand

The Jigsaw Connectors of the Floor Cable Cover are a hallmark of innovation in modular design. These connectors allow for easy expansion and customization of your cable management system, fitting together seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle. This feature offers the flexibility to extend the length of the cable cover as needed, adapting effortlessly to the specific dimensions of any room or corridor. It's not just about covering cables; it's about creating a tailored solution that fits your unique space and requirements.

This ingenious connector system transcends traditional limitations of cable covers. It empowers users to construct a continuous, cohesive cable guard that can curve around corners, stretch across long hallways, or expand as your cable network grows. The ease of connecting and expanding with these jigsaw pieces makes the Floor Cable Cover a dynamic and adaptable choice, ideal for evolving workspaces, growing businesses, and changing layouts.

Step with Confidence

The Gently Sloping Edges of the Floor Cable Cover are more than just a design element; they are a critical safety feature. By minimising the risk of trips or slips, these tapered edges ensure that foot traffic flows smoothly over the cable cover. This thoughtful design detail makes the Floor Cable Cover an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, where safety is paramount. It’s a subtle yet effective way to prevent accidents, blending seamlessly into any environment while providing essential protection.

These sloping edges signify the Floor Cable Cover’s commitment to creating a safer space, whether in a bustling office, a busy home, or a public area. They allow for easy crossing over the cover, reducing the hazard of tripping - a common issue with more abrupt-edged cable covers. This feature demonstrates an understanding of the practicalities of everyday movement, offering peace of mind to users who prioritise safety without compromising on functionality.

Floor Cable Cover
Floor Cable Cover

Brave the Elements

The Weather-Resistant Material of the Floor Cable Cover is a defining feature, ensuring its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. This versatility is crucial for environments where exposure to various weather conditions is inevitable. Whether it's the scorching sun, pouring rain, or frosty temperatures, the cover maintains its integrity and continues to protect your cables. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for outdoor events, patios, workshops, and industrial sites where weather exposure is a concern.

In indoor settings, this weather-resistant quality also translates to a longer lifespan and greater durability against everyday wear and tear. The material is resistant to spills, moisture, and varying temperatures, making it a robust protector in environments like kitchens, garages, and warehouses. Its ability to withstand diverse conditions means that once you set it up, you can trust it to perform its duty without constant supervision or replacement. 

Steady Steps Ahead

The Non-Slip Surface of the Floor Cable Cover is a crucial feature, meticulously designed to enhance stability and safety in any environment. This thoughtful design ensures that the cover stays securely in place, providing a firm footing for everyone passing over it. Whether in a busy office, a lively home, or an active commercial space, this non-slip surface reduces the risk of slips and falls, making it a vital feature for maintaining a safe environment.

This non-slip quality is particularly beneficial in areas prone to spills or where slick floors are a concern. It offers an added layer of security, ensuring that the cable cover remains a reliable safety tool under various conditions. Beyond just securing cables, this feature demonstrates a commitment to overall safety, making the Floor Cable Cover a wise choice for those who value the well-being of family, employees, and visitors. 

Floor Cable Cover

Item Information

  • Heavy-duty rubber construction ensures durability and long-term use.
  • Simple, tool-free setup for easy positioning and cable threading.
  • Accommodates cables up to 11mm in diameter, versatile for various sizes.
  • Jigsaw connectors enable easy expansion and customization of cable coverage.
  • Gently sloping edges minimise tripping hazards, enhancing safety in high-traffic areas.
  • Weather-resistant material, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Non-slip surface design provides stability and safety in diverse environments.
  • Compact dimensions: 20(H) x 1010(W) x 138(D) mm per unit.
  • Lightweight design, each unit weighing only 1.6kg for easy handling.
  • Constructed from flexible rubber, ideal for single cables up to 11mm.
  • Specifically designed for indoor use, adaptable for various indoor settings.
  • Innovative design for extended coverage and layout flexibility in diverse spaces.
Floor Cable Cover

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Floor Cable Cover

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Floor Cable Cover
Floor Cable Cover

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