Aluminium Step Ladder

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Aluminium Step Ladder
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Stay Safe and Steady While Working at Height

  • Lightweight and durable: Step up and get the job done with ease thanks to this high-grade aluminium alloy ladder
  • Non-slip treads: Stay safe and secure while working at height, with non-slip treads that incorporate strengthening beams for added stability
  • High load capacity: With a load capacity of 150kg, this ladder is suitable for both professional and domestic use
  • Portable and convenient: Foldable design with compact dimensions makes this ladder easy to store and transport
  • Wide range of uses: Perfect for a variety of jobs, from DIY projects to heavy-duty professional use
  • High handrail: Provides added stability and safety when working at height
  • Designed for safety: This ladder adheres to the highest health and safety requirements, with anti-slip tread surface and non-slip rubber-covered feet
  • Easy to use: With its simple and straightforward design, this ladder is easy to set up and use
  • Generous dimensions: Ground to top step measures 935mm, while the overall dimensions are 1490(H) x 460(W) x 55(D) mm.
Aluminium Step Ladder

High Performance, Heavy Duty

Enhance your work, stride by stride, with our top-tier Aluminium Step Ladder. Fashioned from premium aluminium alloy, this ladder strikes the ideal balance between being light in weight and robust in endurance.

This four-tier, foldable model has been fortified with reinforcing beams and slip-resistant rungs, providing a steady and secure platform for those vital tasks above ground level. It's a perfect companion for household chores as well as commercial projects, bearing a solid load capacity of up to 150kg.

Lightweight Powerhouse

Our Aluminium Step Ladder is an indispensable asset for both individuals and professionals. Crafted from durable aluminium alloy, it's resilient enough to withstand regular, heavy-duty tasks yet light enough to be effortlessly moved and positioned.

Ease of setup and use is another plus point of its light build, lessening the potential for strain or harm. The ladder's professional-grade quality guarantees its longevity, serving as a reliable and enduring tool designed to tackle a diverse range of tasks.

Aluminium Step Ladder
Aluminium Step Ladder

Solid Support, Secure Steps

Our four-tier folding model, reinforced with strengthening beams and equipped with non-slip treads, is a prime example of functional safety and convenience in a step ladder. Its foldable design allows for simple storage and transport when idle, while the four treads offer plentiful workspace and the ability to ascend to greater heights.

The strengthening beams woven into the ladder's structure provide an extra layer of rigidity and stability. This makes it highly suitable for heavy-duty tasks and enhances the ladder's load-bearing capacity.

Aluminium Step Ladder

Overall Dimensions

HeightFolded Height1490 mm
HeightExpanded Height1395 mm
WidthWidth460 mm
LengthFolded Depth55 mm
LengthExpanded Depth805 mm
WidthTread Width284 mm
LengthTread Depth180 mm
HeightTread Distance220 mm
WidthFoot Width70 mm
WeightWeight5.6 kg

Powerfully Practical

The remarkable load capacity of 150kg stands as a noteworthy trait of our step ladder. It endows individuals or professionals with the confidence to bear more weight, an aspect that proves useful for tasks necessitating heavy tools or equipment, or those requiring multiple items to be transported up the ladder concurrently. 

Such a feature is a boon for frequent ladder users as it minimises the need for constant rearrangement or repositioning of items, making work more efficient and less taxing. Its substantial load capacity renders it a versatile choice for a variety of tasks, whether at home or on the job, ensuring the ladder can rise to the challenge of diverse requirements.

Aluminium Step Ladder
Aluminium Step Ladder

Resilient Against the Elements

The anti-slip surface on our ladder offers enhanced grip and traction, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls during elevated work. With resistance to water, grease, and most chemicals, the ladder is fit for use in environments where such substances are prevalent, like industrial sites or laboratories.

Moreover, the anti-slip tread surface boosts the ladder's durability, as it's less prone to wear and tear or damage over time. Such a feature offers users a safer, more reliable ladder, making it an invaluable tool for any given task.

Stand Firm, Work Safe

Our ladder's rubber-covered feet offer a sturdy hold on the ground, significantly lowering the chances of unwanted movement or sliding during use. This ensures the ladder's stability and security, even under tough conditions. This feature is especially beneficial for professionals regularly operating on ladders, or for those who find themselves working on slippery surfaces.

These non-slip, rubber-covered feet also enhance the durability of the ladder, given their increased resistance to wear and tear over time. Providing superior grip on the floor, they effectively reduce the risk of the ladder tipping over or sliding, contributing to a safer work environment.

Aluminium Step Ladder
Aluminium Step Ladder

Safety-Sealed Assurance

Meeting health and safety regulations gives both individuals and professionals an assurance of security when using our ladder. It confirms that the ladder's design and performance have undergone rigorous testing to comply with a specific set of standards aimed at reducing accident risks. It also underscores the ladder's commitment to match, or even exceed, industry standards. This becomes particularly crucial for professionals or those working in settings where safety is paramount, such as construction sites, industrial zones, or laboratories.

Item Information

  • Lightweight and durable professional aluminium step ladder
  • 4 tread folding model with strengthening beams and non-slip treads
  • Strong load capacity of 150kg
  • Anti-slip tread surface that is resistant to water, grease, and most chemicals
  • Non-slip rubber-covered feet
  • Adheres to the highest health and safety requirements
  • Overall dimensions of 1490(H) x 460(W) x 55(D) mm
  • Unit depth when expanded is 805mm
  • Ground to top step measures 935mm
  • Non-slip rubber-covered feet ensures the ladder will stay stable and prevent slipping
Aluminium Step Ladder

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Aluminium Step Ladder

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Aluminium Step Ladder
Aluminium Step Ladder

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