Double extension ladder
Workman or tradesman ladder
Window Cleaner Extension Stepladder
Double extension ladder
Workman or tradesman ladder
Window Cleaner Extension Stepladder

Window Cleaner Extension Stepladder

  • Class 1 industrial ladder
  • Box Section stiles for extra strength
  • Non-slip D shape rungs
  • Flat top twist proof rungs
  • Interlocking clips fitted to extension ladders
  • Articulated feet, non- slip
  • Single, push-up and rope & pulley operated options
  • Self-colour Aluminium
  • Suitable for professional and domestic use
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: SK3253 Closed Height (m): 2.97 Extended Height (m): 4.91 Section x Rungs: 2 x 10 Weight (kg): 12.40 Price: £152.00 £144.40
Code: SK3254 Closed Height (m): 3.53 Extended Height (m): 6.03 Section x Rungs: 2 x 12 Weight (kg): 14.80 Price: £189.00 £179.55
Code: SK3255 Closed Height (m): 4.09 Extended Height (m): 7.15 Section x Rungs: 2 x 14 Weight (kg): 17.40 Price: £211.00 £200.45
Code: SK3256 Closed Height (m): 4.37 Extended Height (m): 8.27 Section x Rungs: 2 x 15 Weight (kg): 21.00 Price: £239.00 £227.05
Code: SK3257 Closed Height (m): 4.93 Extended Height (m): 8.83 Section x Rungs: 2 x 17 Weight (kg): 23.40 Price: £281.00 £266.95

Window Cleaner Extension Stepladder

Even the most skilled technicians can sometimes have a hard time completing a certain job. Sometimes higher areas can be difficult to reach. There are numerous concerns to take into account when working in high areas, with safety being at the top of the list. Traditional ladders are often hard to transport and homemade solutions pose multiple concerns. The Workplace Depot offers a Window Cleaner Extension Stepladder to help workers perform jobs in a safe and efficient manner regardless of terrain or elevation.

What is The Purpose of The Extension Stepladder?

This extension stepladder combines rugged design with an extendable construction to give trade workers and homeowners a versatile tool for cleaning windows, performing paintjobs, or doing other types of utility work. With a design meant to help avoid problems common with traditional ladders, this model is designed to provide safety and stability by resisting slipping and moving during even the most active jobs. A Class 1 industrial ladder like this can make a great addition to any company who specializes in performing work on buildings of various heights.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This product is designed to provide stability and functionality for work on buildings outdoors. With its non-slip design and single, push-up rope and pulley operated option, it can be conformed to any need you have. In addition, its aluminum design provides stability and resistance to the elements during prolonged outdoor use. This product can be used at both commercial and residential facilities, as its design makes it easy to store away.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product can prove very useful for both homeowners seeking a DIY tool and commercial businesses who want to add a versatile tool to their organization. Painters, utility workers, builders, window cleaners, and other types of tradesmen can benefit from having access to this extension stepladder. With flap top twist proof rungs, this items provides stability for both experienced workers and homeowners who want a reliable and durable tool for performing work on higher areas of their home.

Additional Production Information and Specifications

This extension stepladder can be delivered within three to five working days, and a one year warranty is provided with all parts and labor. We will match any price and returns or exchanges are very easy to provide. The unit is available in multiple lengths, with extended height ranging from 4.91m to 8.83m. Let The Workplace Depot help you improve your commercial business with this product today!

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