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Tilt Box
Tilt Box
Tilt Box

Tilt Box

  • High visibility, high density small parts storage
  • Manufactured from high impact plastic
  • Dust free protective storage
  • All modules are 600mm wide
  • Starter kit, bench kit and racks also available
  • 5 different bin sizes
  • Optional tilt locking bars available
  • 11903090 Empty Rack is now Grey
3-14 working days


3-14 working days


5 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 02513004 Module: 4 Housing Size (mm): 206 (H) x 600 (W) x 170 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): 4 x 193 (H) x 142 (W) x 133 (D) Pack Quantity: 1 Price: £30.00 £29.40
Code: 02513043 Module: 9 Housing Size (mm): 77 (H) x 600 (W) x 51 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): 9 x 66 (H) x 60 (W) x 47 (D) Pack Quantity: 3 Price: £33.00 £32.34
Code: 02513005 Module: 3 Housing Size (mm): 240 (H) x 600 (W) x 200 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): 3 x 225 (H) x 191 (W) x 154 (D) Pack Quantity: 1 Price: £35.00 £34.30
Code: 02513044 Module: 6 Housing Size (mm): 112 (H) x 600 (W) x 91 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): 6 x 100 (H) x 93 (W) x 70 (D) Pack Quantity: 3 Price: £46.00 £45.08
Code: 02513045 Module: 5 Housing Size (mm): 168 (H) x 600 (W) x 142 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): 5 x 151 (H) x 113 (W) x 104 (D) Pack Quantity: 2 Price: £48.00 £47.04
Code: 02513026 Module: Starter Housing Size (mm): Mixed kit Tilt Boxes (mm): 9/6/5/4 Compartments Pack Quantity: 1 Price: £74.00 £72.52
Code: 11903090 Module: Empty Rack Housing Size (mm): 1750 (H) x 600 (W) x 325 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): Usable height 1650 Pack Quantity: 1 Price: £82.00 £80.36
Code: 02513027 Module: Bench Housing Size (mm): Bench stand kit Tilt Boxes (mm): 5 x 9, 1 x 6 Compartments Pack Quantity: 1 Price: £101.00 £98.98
Code: 02513030 Module: Kitted Rack Housing Size (mm): 1750 (H) x 600 (W) x 325 (D) Tilt Boxes (mm): 2 x 9, 3 x 6, 3 x 5, 2 x 4, 1 x 3 Pack Quantity: 1 Price: £354.00 £346.92

Tilt Box

What is the Purpose of this Product?

This tilt box provides a comprehensive storage solution for items large and small. It’s transparent compartments are designed to last and manufactured from high impact plastic. All columns are 600mm wide, provide a dust-free environment and can accommodate 5 different bin sizes for storing just about anything.

Tilt boxes can also be stacked and used with the optional starter kit, bench kit, racking system, and tilt locking bars.

Where can this Product be Used?

Every workshop has the ability to become a cluttered mess if there isn’t a problem system or method of organization in place. A proper storage container system like the tilt box is integral to any workshop organizational system. The tilt box provides the perfect way to properly store and organize things like screws, nuts, bolts, washers, wires, electrical fixtures, screwdrivers, drill bits, sandpaper and much more.

Who Might Use this Product?

Any hobbyist or tradesperson can tell you they always have too many small components or bits that need sorting and storing. The tilt box is the perfect storage solution when it comes to small and medium-sized components. Whether being used casually or professionally, the tilt box will help keep everything organized so parts are easy to find when they’re needed.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

The Workplace Depot provides a 1 year parts and labour warranty on all tilt box components, which ensures that they can be returned or exchanged within 1 calendar year of the purchase date if the product is defective according to the terms of the warranty. In addition to this great warranty the Workplace Depot also provides a price match guarantee, which means we’ll match any competitor’s price for this product.

The Workplace Depot provides free 3 day delivery within the UK mainland, excluding the Highlands.

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