1250mm Storage Workbench

Storage Workbench, Drawer, Cupboard, Open Section

  • 1250mm wide robust storage bench with durable steel frame
  • Features 1 cupboard, 1 drawer and open cabinet with adjustable shelf
  • 830-930mm bench height - fully adjustable
  • Frame constructed of sheet steel with easily accessible storage modules
  • Durable RAL7035 powder coated finish
  • 30mm MPX worktop
  • 60kg UDL capacity extension roller bearing drawers with locking
  • Open area supplied with 60kg UDL galvanised shelf
  • Dimensions (mm): 830/930(H) x 1250(W) x 600(D)
  • Drawers (mm): 1 x 125(H)
  • Cupboards (mm): 1 x 350(H)
10-15 days


10-15 days


10 year parts / labour

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Code: 16923000.11 Description: Workbench, Drawer, Cupboard, Open Section Price: £465.00 £455.70

Storage Workbench, Drawer, Cupboard, Open Section

What Is The Purpose Of Storage Workbenches?

Storage workbenches are used to provide a place to do work while also providing the user with valuable storage space that can be a commodity in any type of office, shop or garage environment. The storage workbenches allow users to have a place to work, but they don’t have to sacrifice space that they may have otherwise used for storage. The storage space is great for tools and implements that can make the workload go more smoothly.

Where Can They Be Used?

These workbenches can be used in any environment that has a light to medium workload. The workload must not be too hard because the workbenches are not intended for extremely heavy work, but are able to support a medium amount of wait on a consistent basis. It is important to note that these are excellent for workshops and garages, but are not a good idea for manufacturing facilities. These facilities have too many heavy objects, but the workbench may be good for office environments because they provide storage options.

Who Can Use Them?

The storage bench can be used by anyone who needs to have workspace and storage space. It is a good idea to use the workbench in any type of office or shop environment and shop owners will benefit from several of these. They will not only provide working space, but will also provide the employees with a place where they can store all of the tools that they need to be able to successfully complete their tasks. The benefits of these workbenches are nearly endless and they provide a great space for office owners, garage owners and shop workers to work and store their tools.

Storage Workbenches Specifications

The storage workbenches are made out of a galvanized steel material. The drawers are also made out of steel and the shelving units are sturdy because they are made out of the same steel. The top of the storage workbenches is made of multiplex material which is excellent for shop environments. They are able to work well in most environments and will even work for office settings because they do not look too utilitarian. The best part about these workbenches is that they come with a year long warranty. This warranty, unlike most, provides coverage for the parts as well as the labor required to fix the benches.

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