Staff Room Lockers

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Reinforced, Refined, and Ready

  • Ultimate Storage Solution: A perfect blend of style and functionality, ideal for securely storing personal items in various professional settings.
  • Steel Strong Build: Made with reinforced steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear, making it a reliable choice for daily use in demanding environments.
  • Lasting Elegance: Coated with durable powder paint, these lockers resist corrosion and maintain their aesthetic appeal even in challenging conditions.
  • Freshness Ensured: Featuring integrated air ventilation holes in each door, designed to keep clothing aired and fresh throughout the day.
  • Optimally Sized: Each of the 6 door units is ideally dimensioned to accommodate shoes, headwear, and small accessories, maximising storage efficiency.
  • Sleek and Stylish: The light grey frame paired with stylish blue doors offers an attractive look, enhancing the ambiance of any staff room or workspace.
  • Tamper-Proof Design: Equipped with vandal and twist-resistant reinforced doors, these lockers provide an added layer of security against break-ins and tampering.
  • Secure Locking System: Each locker comes with a key cam-lock and two keys, offering secure and convenient access to stored belongings.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Measuring 1800(H) x 300(W) x 302(D) mm, these lockers are designed to maximise storage space while fitting seamlessly into any environment.
Staff Room Lockers

Ultimate Staff Room Storage

In the bustling world of shared spaces, the need for reliable, robust storage has never been more pronounced. Enter the Staff Room Lockers, the embodiment of superior craftsmanship combined with thoughtfully designed aesthetics. Constructed from top-grade reinforced steel, these lockers promise longevity, ensuring that your belongings are not just stored, but stored securely.

Beyond their unquestionable strength, the Staff Room Lockers showcase a design that complements any setting, be it a chic restaurant or a sterile hospital corridor. The light grey and blue palette radiates modern elegance, while the advanced features like ventilation and tamper-resistant doors attest to its functional brilliance. With these lockers, you're not just investing in storage—you're elevating the environment.

Strength in Steel

The very heart of the Staff Room Lockers lies in its robust construction material - reinforced steel. This isn't merely a choice but a declaration of quality. Reinforced steel is known for its superior strength and durability, ensuring that each locker stands resilient against the tests of time, wear, and external pressures.

But it's not just about lasting long. The reinforced steel construction serves as a bulwark, safeguarding your personal belongings with an unmatched level of security. When you choose our lockers, you're choosing a fortress for your possessions, blending the promise of longevity with the assurance of safety in a world where both are paramount.

Staff Room Lockers
Staff Room Lockers

A Finish that Endures

At first glance, the Staff Room Lockers radiate an understated elegance, thanks to the impeccable finish of durable powder paint. But this finish is more than just a visual delight. The powder paint coating ensures that the locker's surface is resilient, granting it an extra layer of protection against common adversaries like corrosion, scratches, and dings.

Beyond its protective prowess, the powder paint finish offers a smooth, even texture that is easy to clean, ensuring that the locker remains as pristine as the day it was first installed. This fusion of aesthetic charm with functional durability means that your locker will not only store your belongings but will do so with enduring grace and unwavering strength.

Staff Room Lockers

Overall Dimensions


Breathe Easy

The genius of the Staff Room Lockers is evident even in the minutiae, particularly the integrated door air ventilation holes. This thoughtful addition ensures that the insides of the locker don't turn into stagnant, humid spaces. Instead, they promote continuous airflow, actively preventing unpleasant odours and moisture accumulation, which could otherwise harm your belongings.

Such a feature underscores the holistic approach taken in designing these lockers. It's not just about storage—it's about storing right. With the integrated ventilation, your clothes, shoes, and accessories remain in an environment that mimics the freshness of the outdoors, ensuring that each time you open your locker, you're greeted with belongings that feel just as fresh as when you placed them inside.

Staff Room Lockers
Staff Room Lockers

Optimised Storage

Every aspect of the Staff Room Lockers has been meticulously crafted, and the six door units stand testament to this precision. These compartments are not arbitrarily sized. Instead, they are engineered to snugly fit essential items like shoes, headwear, and an array of small accessories. This deliberate design ensures that every inch of the locker is utilised, maximising space without compromising on accessibility.

Such attention to detail transforms the simple act of storage into an art. No more shuffling through a jumbled mess or trying to squeeze in just one more item. With these ideally sized compartments, each belonging finds its rightful place, making retrieval a seamless experience. The Staff Room Lockers not only store but do so with an elegance and efficiency that simplifies daily routines.

Elegance in Every Detail

When functionality marries aesthetic appeal, you get the Staff Room Lockers. The clean, light grey frame acts as a neutral foundation, setting the stage for the vibrant blue doors that instantly catch the eye. This colour combination isn't just chosen on a whim—it's curated to fit seamlessly into diverse settings, adding a touch of modern sophistication wherever it stands.

Yet, it's more than mere visual allure. The light grey frame subtly underscores the locker's robustness, while the blue doors infuse a dash of character and vibrancy. In a world where every detail counts, this harmonious blend of form and function ensures that the Staff Room Lockers stand out, not just for their utility, but also for their undeniable charm.

Staff Room Lockers
Staff Room Lockers

Fortified Assurance

In shared spaces, lockers face a gamut of challenges, from inadvertent bumps to intentional vandalism. Understanding this, the Staff Room Lockers are endowed with reinforced doors that are both vandal and twist-resistant. This intentional engineering ensures that these lockers are not just containers, but fortified vaults that stand resilient in the face of external pressures, protecting the treasures within.

While most lockers offer basic security, the Staff Room Lockers go a step further. The reinforced doors act as a staunch barrier, repelling unwanted forces and ensuring that your possessions remain untouched and undisturbed. It's more than just a feature—it's a promise of unparalleled security, underlining the commitment to offering peace of mind alongside premium storage solutions.

Locking in Trust

When it comes to safeguarding personal belongings, the Staff Room Lockers leave no stone unturned. Equipped with key cam-locks, these lockers provide a reliable and robust locking mechanism that is both easy to use and hard to breach. But the emphasis on security doesn't end there. Each locker comes with not one, but two keys, ensuring that you always have a backup, providing an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind.

In today's fast-paced environment, it's easy to misplace or forget essentials like keys. With the provision of a second key, the lockers offer a contingency, reducing potential stress and ensuring uninterrupted access to your belongings. This feature might seem simple, but it encapsulates the Staff Room Lockers' commitment to user-centric design and the genuine understanding of everyday challenges.

Staff Room Lockers
Staff Room Lockers

Versatile Configurations

The beauty of the Staff Room Lockers lies not just in their solid construction or sleek aesthetics, but also in their adaptable nature. Each locker is designed with the flexibility to stand proudly on its own or to seamlessly nest alongside its counterparts. This unique feature ensures that whether you're looking for a singular storage solution or planning a cohesive, expansive setup, these lockers fit the bill perfectly.

In spaces where requirements can shift and evolve, adaptability is key. Be it a growing business, a school with fluctuating student numbers, or a changing workplace layout, the ability to expand or contract your storage arrangement is invaluable. With the Staff Room Lockers, you're not just investing in a product; you're embracing a solution that scales with your needs, ensuring longevity in both utility and relevance.

Item Information

  • Constructed from high-quality reinforced steel for unmatched durability
  • Finished with anti-corrosion powder paint, ensuring a long-lasting pristine look
  • Integrated door ventilation holes for effective air circulation and freshness
  • Six door units designed for shoes, headwear, and small accessory storage
  • Features a clean, light grey frame paired with stylish blue doors
  • Vandal and twist-resistant doors for enhanced security and longevity
  • Key cam-locks equipped, with two keys provided for backup access
  • Dimensions: 1800(H) x 300(W) x 302(D) mm for optimal space utilisation
  • Adaptable use: stand alone or nest seamlessly beside other lockers
  • Suitable for hygiene-focused venues like restaurants and hospitals
  • Designed to offer storage that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • Budget-friendly solution, balancing cost with robustness and everyday usability
Staff Room Lockers

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Staff Room Lockers

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Staff Room Lockers
Staff Room Lockers

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