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Item Information

  • Durable self adhesive floor marking tape in rolls of 50mm x 33m
  • 150 micron thickness ideal for marking out walkways or hazard areas
  • Highly visible tape clearly sends a “do not cross” message to people
  • Quick solution as it can easily be laid down in minutes
  • Floor tape can be used on practically any surface, including carpeted floors
  • Non-intrusive, yet highly visible way to mark pathways or queue lines
  • Plain and hazard colours available
  • 6 rolls of tape are included in each pack
  • Product is ready for free, next day shipping to all of mainland Great Britain


In a rainbow of colours these helpful lines of demarcation let everybody know where the safe zones are and where they had better keep their heads on a swivel, ears open, senses alert for potential danger in the workplace. You can mix and match the colours so that you can bring to fruition your comprehensive and wide ranging floor taping vision. In rolls of 50mm x 33m 150 micron thickness Ideal for marking out walkways or hazard areas.

What is the purpose of self-adhesive floor tape?

Often, physical barriers can be intimidating to guests and visitors. Additionally, the barrier may come in the way of normal work as well. A great alternative, therefore, would be to use an indicative marker that does not occupy vertical space, but one that is highly visible and clearly sends out a “do not cross” message to people. This product is ideal for such use as it can easily be laid down in a few seconds, forming just such a non-invasive barrier. Self-adhesive floor tape can be used practically on any surface, including carpeted floors, to indicate a ‘no-go’ zone without actually forming a physical barrier.

Where can self-adhesive floor tape be used?

This product is an ideal alternative to most physical barriers when the latter might come in the way of something else. They are also the prefect replacement for expensive floor painting projects that might be permanent rather than temporary. This product provides the perfect bridge to cross over these two challenges and get to the side of the street where a mere visible indicator is often all that is required to keep people at bay. The self-adhesive nature of the tape ensures that it can be used on practically any surface – floors, walls and yes, even the ceiling if required. This is ideal for large spaces that need to be segregated by area or function, or to mark pathways in otherwise unmarked corridors and open spaces.

Who might use this product?

Anyone who needs to demarcate a specific area for any purpose will find this product extremely handy. Typically, you will find these being used by workers in airports, train stations, warehouses and other places where floor areas need to be marked out without using any sort of physical barrier. Non-intrusive, yet highly visible, this floor tape is ideal for those who need to clearly indicate that a particular line must not be crossed. Useful in a variety of situations, safety supervisors will probably be the ones to benefit the most from this versatile product.

Warranties, materials, legislation

This product is available in a wide range of plain and bio-colours, each suited to a specific purpose. The standard 50mm width of the tape rolls (which are 33m in usable length) makes them clearly visible on the floor. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our self-adhesive floor tape products fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff. Interesting facts about floor tape Floor tape is one of the most extensively used markers in commercial and industrial settings. In the United States, for example, an average 600,000 square-foot factory could use as much as 12,000 feet of floor tape or painted lines. However, floor tape is becoming increasing popular as an alternative to painting, for the following reasons:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Zero wait time against waiting for painted lines to dry
  • No hazardous fumes that may force the factory to shut down, thereby affecting productivity
  • More durable and easier to clean than painted lines

Conclusion: why paint when you can simply tape?

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in BritainMade in: Britain

Colour Red
Features Self Adhesive
Height (mm) 50
Width (mm) 33000
Delivery Time Next Day
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


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