PPE Storage Cabinet

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Built to Guard, Designed to Impress

  • Robust Safekeeping Assured: Introducing the PPE Storage Cabinet, ideal for safeguarding personal protective equipment in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Durability Defined: Made from robust steel and coated with a premium powder finish, this cabinet is a fortress against wear and tear.
  • Storage, Elevated: Equipped with four height-adjustable, heavy-duty shelves, it offers unparalleled flexibility for storing a range of equipment sizes.
  • Fortified Protection: Reinforced doors designed to be vandal and warp-resistant, ensuring your items remain secure and in pristine condition.
  • Lock in Security: Featuring a multi-point locking system with mastered locks, this cabinet is the sentinel against unauthorised access.
  • Safety Signposted: Comes with conspicuous 'Personal Protective Equipment' labelling, making it simple to identify and manage safety gear.
  • Built to Last: The hardy welded frame architecture gives this cabinet a backbone as steadfast as the items it secures.
  • Assembly Made Easy: A user-friendly design that promises a quick and easy assembly process, so you can focus on what really matters.
  • Dimensionally Accommodating: At 1850(H) x 900(W) x 450(D) mm, this cabinet fits seamlessly into diverse spaces while offering substantial storage capacity.
PPE Storage Cabinet

The Ultimate Guardian

In the ever-evolving world of workspace essentials, the PPE Storage Cabinet stands as a beacon of durability and design. Meticulously crafted from robust steel, it promises not just to store, but to protect, showcasing an impeccable blend of strength and style.

Beyond its undeniable allure, this cabinet proves its worth in versatility. Whether it's a bustling university lab, a busy hospital ward, or a sprawling commercial warehouse, it pledges to keep your protective equipment not just organised, but secured with industrial-grade tenacity. Here, practicality meets sophistication, offering users an unmatched storage solution.

Strength Meets Elegance

There's no denying the significance of the materials that make up our PPE Storage Cabinet. Constructed from robust steel, this piece promises unparalleled durability, ensuring that your stored items are sheltered in a fortress designed to withstand the tests of time and environment.

But it's not just about strength. The cabinet's powder coat finish elevates its resilience while adding a touch of modern aesthetics. This layer doesn't merely protect the steel from corrosion and wear, but also imparts a smooth, sleek look, making the cabinet a statement piece in any setting. It's the perfect blend of function meeting finesse.

PPE Storage Cabinet
PPE Storage Cabinet

Adaptable Storage

In the heart of our PPE Storage Cabinet lies its true genius: four height-adjustable, heavy-duty shelves. These aren't just shelves, but dynamic storage solutions designed to evolve with your changing requirements. Whether you're housing large equipment or smaller tools, the flexibility to adjust shelf height means you're in full control.

But it doesn't end at adaptability. Each shelf has been engineered for strength, ensuring they bear the weight of your essentials without a hitch. With these heavy-duty foundations, users can trust in the cabinet's ability to securely and efficiently organise, whatever the inventory. It's storage, reimagined for the modern workspace.

PPE Storage Cabinet

Overall Dimensions


Unyielding Defence

The doors of our PPE Storage Cabinet aren't just entrances to your stored valuables; they are the first line of defence. Reinforced to their core, these doors stand tall against unwarranted access and the occasional mishap. Their design ensures that they remain resilient even under challenging conditions, a testament to their vandal-resistant nature.

Yet, durability is just one side of the coin. The warp-resistant quality ensures that the doors maintain their shape and functionality through temperature fluctuations and prolonged usage. In essence, these doors promise users an undistorted, smooth access experience while offering a steadfast shield for their stored items. Protection and performance, seamlessly combined.

PPE Storage Cabinet
PPE Storage Cabinet

Locking Mastery

The heart of any storage solution lies in its ability to offer peace of mind, and our PPE Storage Cabinet's multi-point locking system is testament to that commitment. A system that isn't just about locking, but securing. Multiple points of engagement ensure that the contents are safeguarded uniformly, offering enhanced protection against potential breaches.

Coupled with mastered locks, this system further elevates the security standard. Mastered locks provide a precision locking mechanism, ensuring only the rightful users have access. In a world where safety is paramount, this cabinet extends an invitation to experience security at its zenith, keeping your valuable equipment shielded with unmatched confidence.

Crystal Clarity

In the bustling milieu of a workspace, quick identification isn't just convenient—it's essential. Our PPE Storage Cabinet addresses this need head-on with its 'Personal Protective Equipment' exclamation mark labelling. This bold, unambiguous identifier serves as a beacon, signalling the purpose and importance of the cabinet's contents.

This feature isn't just about aesthetics or clarity—it's about efficiency. In environments where every second counts, like hospitals or labs, being able to swiftly locate and access crucial protective equipment can be game-changing. Our cabinet, with its prominent labelling, ensures that what you need is always distinguishable at a glance, marrying function with foresight.

PPE Storage Cabinet
PPE Storage Cabinet

Steadfast Stability

The PPE Storage Cabinet's backbone, its hardy welded frame architecture, epitomises sturdiness. Unlike mere assembled structures, a welded frame ensures that the individual components meld into a singular, cohesive unit, bringing forth an unparalleled level of robustness and resilience against wear and tear.

Beyond the immediate durability, this welded architecture speaks to a long-term vision. It signifies a commitment to longevity, promising users a product that won't buckle under pressure, be it physical weight or the passage of time. It's a declaration of strength, ensuring that your storage solution remains steadfast, season after season, year after year.

User-Centricity in Every Detail

At the intersection of innovation and user experience stands our PPE Storage Cabinet's assembly process. Foregoing cumbersome setups, our design philosophy places you, the user, at its core. Every aspect has been meticulously curated to ensure that assembly isn't a chore, but an intuitive, smooth experience.

But why does this matter? Time is a finite resource, and in today's fast-paced world, every saved moment counts. Our user-friendly design not only ensures a hassle-free assembly but also instils a sense of accomplishment. It's our nod to those who value efficiency, offering a setup that's as effortless as it is swift.

PPE Storage Cabinet

Item Information

  • Crafted from robust steel, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Sleek powder coat finish for aesthetic appeal and protection.
  • Four height-adjustable shelves for versatile storage needs.
  • Shelves support up to a solid 35kg UDL.
  • Reinforced doors, resistant to vandalism and warping.
  • Advanced multi-point locking system for enhanced security.
  • Mastered locks included, with two keys provided.
  • Dimensions: 1850(H) x 900(W) x 450(D) mm, suitable for diverse spaces.
  • Light grey frame paired with vibrant blue doors.
  • Welded frame architecture, signifying strength and stability.
  • 'Personal Protective Equipment' exclamation mark labelling for easy identification.
  • Designed for quick, user-friendly assembly process.
PPE Storage Cabinet

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PPE Storage Cabinet

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PPE Storage Cabinet
PPE Storage Cabinet

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