Top Workplace Songs- See our First Infographic!

Posted on June 29, 2015

Top Workplace Songs about Jobs, Money and Can-do attitudersz_depositphotos_6106333_original (1)

Our initial blog post on Workplace Songs that has been published in early 2013 turns out to be still one of the most popular. From songs about job descriptions such as Please Mr Postman of The Marvelettes and the incredibly well known Elton John's Teacher I need you to anti-work songs such as Beck's Soul Sucking Jerk and Lou Reed's Don't Talk to me about Work, our top workplace songs cover it all. So we thought, why not turn it into an infographic?

But before we start, some Infographic History First!

The first infographic in the form of simple graphic illustrations dates back in 1600s in Scheiner's book that revealed research on the sun rotation. During 1800s infographics were taken a step forward by modern geography. Modern maps covered both graphic illustrations, as well as information bulks which offered humanity a new understanding of the infographic concept. During 1950s Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was being presented with infographics in an attempt to improve the conditions in military hospitals.

Nowadays infographics are being used to primarily educate and inform, providing a data rich visualisation of a story.

So, the story our infographic will be telling you today is about workplace themed songs.

50 Best Workplace Songs

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