The new Mac Pro - is it Modelled on our Waste Bin?

Posted on June 13, 2013

The wait is over, Apple have unveiled the new Mac Pro. The stunning new design has shocked all Mac Pro users as it has dramatically changed its skin from the beast that was.

Whilst the new design does not resemble the previous desktop cheese grater/tower it has left Apple fans wondering if the underlying Apple DNA is the same. Well, you will be glad to know that every inch of this product is Apple. The tubular design is built around Apple's unique unified thermal core. They have put all the individual heatsinks, cooling fans and all internal components onto one, yes one, triangular frame.

The extruded aluminium frame functions as one giant heatsink and the cylindrical design effectively creates a wind-tunnel for optimal cooling. Instead of adding more cooling fans, they have engineered a large single fan that pulls the air upward through a vent at the bottom. On the way up, the air absorbs the heat and carries it out of the top vent.

But then we noticed that it look very much like another product that we know. We think that our 15 litre Fireproof Waste Paper Bin looks similar to the new Mac Pro.

Both the new Mac Pro and the Fireproof Waste Paper Bin has a few features in common as well as having some obvious differences.


First off, the differences. One is a desktop computer and one is a bin. Pretty obvious I know but we needed to state it. There is a slight difference in size – the Fireproof Waste Bin measures 310H x 270dia mm whereas the Mac Pro has smaller measurements, 251H x 168dia mm.

Both products have a similar appearance. The sleek, black, sexy design has attracted many people to buying the bin and taking a liking to the new Mac Pro design. The smart design will look fitting in any modern home. The waste bin comes in either black, white or grey, unfortunately at the moment the LBPD (Little Black Pro Desktop) is available in one colour.

Despite the design being considerably compact, all the necessary features and hardware are there. The Fireproof Waste Bin can hold a maximum of 15 litres despite being small. It has a stubber top which prevents fire spread. If a fire does start in the bin, when air goes inside the bin and starts to circulate, it bounces off the stubber top putting the flame out. The rubber seal around the base protects against wear and rust when cleaning product come into contact with the bin and it will not scratch the floor.

Unfortunately, the waste paper bin doesn't have any fancy lights or any ports or connections. In fact it is incredibly pure and simple. The bin has a maximum 15 litre capacity and it cannot hold any more data. You have to empty the bin and start again (unless you buy a bin with a larger capacity). The Mac Pro however will probably have one terrabite of storage, and more hardrive space could be added, so you wouldn't have to empty your computer daily.

The Mac Pro has all the modern technology including Thunderbolt 2, which is the fastest and most versatile I/O technology there is. Thunderbolt 2 delivers twice the throughput, providing up to 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each external device. But sadly, the Fireproof Waste Bin doesn't have any special powers or modern technology, well unless you count it can stop fire spreading out of the bin.

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