National Walk to Work Week!

Posted on May 11, 2015

Walk to WorkAround this time of year, it’s probably likely that half of us are well in to a new routine in terms of fitness and healthy eating, but the other half of us are either still set in our old ways, or had tried to alter them slightly for the New Year but unfortunately gave in to temptation somewhere along the line!

Having said this, if you are looking for a good opportunity to take on a new challenge in a bid to become fitter, National Walk to Work Week is perfect for those of us who still need a bit of encouragement when it comes to exercising.

Starting today and continuing all week until 15th May, National Walk to Work Week is inspiring those of us in particular who might sit at a desk all day to enjoy a walk to work for the week, with the hope that this will become a more permanent method of transportation – during summer at least!

Get to Walk

If you’re a daily commuter, or perhaps you would have to set off at 5am to make it to work for 9am if you walked, you should probably let yourself off. However you could alternatively try a nice walk during your lunch break or any breaks you might get during the day! Especially if you’re normally the one that stays at your desk browsing the Internet all day, fresh air and a stretch of your legs is more than likely going to make you feel refreshed and revived for the afternoon.

If you are an employer and would like to encourage your staff to walk to work, why not provide incentives such as a bought breakfast at the end of the week, reassuring them that their efforts will be rewarded with a bacon sandwich!

If you would like to take part in National Walk to Work Week, prepare for some healthy competition within your workforce by getting as many people as possible on board!

You could hold contests including: most miles walked in a week or most steps taken during the working day!

With this in mind, failing the strolls to work, why not introduce some sort of office exercises in to your staff’s daily work routine. Although they might not be benefiting from the great outdoors, a bit of exercise will still contribute to increased productivity throughout the day.

You can use office Plastic Steps or even Kick Steps to get a bit of fun going within your workforce.

Let us know on either of our Facebook or Twitter pages if you will be taking part in this National Walk to Work Week or if in fact you will opt for some of these stepping routines!

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