Louvred Panels
Louvred Panels
Blue Louvred Panels
Louvred Panels
Louvred Panels
Blue Louvred Panels

Blue Louvred Panels

  • Horizontal and vertical styles.
  • Horizontal panels have a double return fold top and bottom and reinforcing strips to give increased rigidity. They interlock at the sides so can be placed next to eachother.
  • Vertical panels are fully flanged for strength. They interlock at the top and bottom so they can be placed above and below eachother.
  • Can be used with most types of plastic bin.
7-10 days


7-10 days


10 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 14025147 Dimensions (mm): 457(W) x 495(H) Orientation: Vertical Price: £15.00 £14.70
Code: 14025137 Dimensions (mm): 495(W) x 457(H) Orientation: Horizontal Price: £19.00 £18.62
Code: 14025148 Dimensions (mm): 457(W) x 990(H) Orientation: Vertical Price: £22.00 £21.56
Code: 14025139 Dimensions (mm): 990(W) x 457(H) Orientation: Horizontal Price: £28.00 £27.44
Code: 14025149 Dimensions (mm): 457(W) x 1486(H) Orientation: Vertical Price: £32.00 £31.36
Code: 14025140 Dimensions (mm): 1486(W) x 457(H) Orientation: Horizontal Price: £40.00 £39.20


Code: 14005025 Description: Perforated tool hanging adaptor strip Dimensions (mm): 77(H) x 65(W) x 15(D) Price: £4.00 £3.92
Code: 14022022 Description: Tube spigot Dimensions (mm): 16(dia) x 200(L) Price: £6.00 £5.88
Code: 14022024 Description: Tube spigot Dimensions (mm): 16(dia) x 150(L) Price: £6.00 £5.88
Code: 14022025 Description: Tube spigot Dimensions (mm): 16(dia) x 300(L) Price: £7.00 £6.86

Blue Louvred Panels

What is the purpose of the Louvered Panels Blue?

The louvered panels blue present a system of storage for bins that are unique and versatile in their arrangement. These panels can be arranged either in a horizontal or vertical storage alignment in order to maximize space and to allow for maximum efficiency of access to the bins. Storage bins in many different industries can take up a lot of space and can negatively impact space planning on a warehouse or hardware floor. These panels provide an option for relocating bins to a more convenient location.

Where can this Product be Used?

Businesses that already employ storage bins in locations to aid in accessing of tools or materials can benefit from these panels since they make it simple for the relocation of these bins to an area that is far more conducive to accessing the materials contained therein. It can also be utilized by companies that are only just starting to look into storage bins as a means of presenting or classifying their products by giving them an option for mounting the bins that is inexpensive yet allows full access to them.

Who Might Use this Product?

Hardwares tend to utilize storage bins quite effectively in order to store and categorize smaller fixtures such as PVC pipe and bolts and nuts by size. These louvered panels blue are designed to help in finding space to display these items, allowing a customer to help himself or herself. In warehouse locations, such as large wholesale situations, there is a tendency to use this type of bin as well and these panels provide a simplistic method of storing them that is independent of shelving, allowing for easier movement between aisles.

Louvered Panels Blue Specifications

These panels come in a variety of styles and depending on what a company is trying to do with their interior arrangement, the vertical style might be preferable to the horizontal style, or vice versa. The horizontal panels allow for expansion of the panel by enabling these horizontal sections to interlock with each other. In order to increase the stability of these panels, the horizontal ones have a horizontal reinforcing strip running along their length. The vertical panels are designed for strength and interlock at the top for expansion upwards.

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