Louvred Panel Rack
Louvred Panel Rack
Louvred Panel Rack
Louvred Panel Rack
Louvred Panel Rack
Louvred Panel Rack

Louvred Panel Rack

  • Steel pressed panels
  • Designed for use with semi open fronted plastic containers leaving bench and shelf space free
  • stove enamelled finish
  • supplied (packs of 2)
  • 9 Sizes available
7-10 days


7-10 days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 2LP0018X2 Dimensions (mm): 457(H) x 228(W) Price: £19.00 £18.62
Code: 2LP0036X2 Dimensions (mm): 914(H) x 228(W) Price: £25.00 £24.50
Code: 4LP0018X2 Dimensions (mm): 457(H) x 436(W) Price: £26.00 £25.48
Code: 3LP0018X2 Dimensions (mm): 457(H) x 332(W) Price: £27.00 £26.46
Code: 3LP0036X2 Dimensions (mm): 914(H) x 332(W) Price: £30.00 £29.40
Code: 2LP0066X2 Dimensions (mm): 1676(H) x 228(W) Price: £42.00 £41.16
Code: 4LP0036X2 Dimensions (mm): 914(H) x 436(W) Price: £43.00 £42.14
Code: 3LP0066X2 Dimensions (mm): 1676(H) x 332(W) Price: £60.00 £58.80
Code: 4LP0066X2 Dimensions (mm): 1676(H) x 436(W) Price: £95.00 £93.10


Code: WRS1 Description (mm): Single prong wire spigot Price: £1.60 £1.57
Code: WRS2 Description (mm): Double prong wire spigot Price: £1.60 £1.57
Code: WLS1 Description (mm): Square spigot 150(L) Price: £3.20 £3.14
Code: WLS3 Description (mm): Round spigot 150(L) Price: £3.20 £3.14
Code: WLS2 Description (mm): Square spigot 300(L) Price: £3.70 £3.63
Code: WLS4 Description (mm): Round spigot 300(L) Price: £3.70 £3.63

Louvred Panel Rack

What is the purpose of the Louvered Panel Rack?

The louvered panel rack is designed to be a base location for the mounting of storage bins. These panel racks do not come with storage bins but these can be easily purchased and added to the assembly. The panel rack turns a plain wall into a much more usable storage space by switching the wall area into a storage bin mount. These storage bins can then be further used to separate items into different categories to make them easier to find.

Where can this Product be Used?

This louvered panel rack can be used on almost any free wall that allows access to it. When a location becomes too bogged down with items so that benches and shelf spaces are overly occupied it can present a safety problem for both workers and customers. These panel racks were designed to relieve the load on these shelf spaces and to enable items to be stored in a more efficient location, one that makes it very simply to get the item one needs.

Who Might Use this Product?

Smaller businesses that need more storage space but haven’t upgraded their premises are among the most common users for the louvered panel rack. Smaller retail branches can use these racks to mount storage bins for their smaller items, making it much simpler for customers to locate pipes, hoses or plumbing fittings without taking up excess shelf space in the process. Additionally, these panels are made of heavy duty materials ensuring that they won't simply fail and cause storage bins to crash off the walls.

Louvered Panel Rack Specifications

The louvered panel rack is built out of steel pressed panels that are strong and durable, as well as able to handle a lot of loading. They are mostly designed for use with semi open fronted storage bins.  They are coated in a stove enamelled finish that goes with most interior decors and renders them resistant to corrosion. They are sold in packs of two for convenience and up to nine different sizes are available upon request, depending on what the racks are going to be used for.

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