Janitor Metal Locker
Janitor Metal Locker
Janitor Metal Locker
Janitor Metal Locker
Janitor Metal Locker
Janitor Metal Locker

Janitor Metal Locker

  • Probe locker janitorial locker with vented door
  • Full width internal top shelf 305mm from top
  • Vertical partition
  • Coat hook and 3 half width shelves
  • Dimensions (mm): 1780(H) x 460(W) x 460(D)
10-15 days


10-15 days


3 year parts / labour

Product Variations

P701818JAN/G Code: P701818JAN/G Door Colour: Price: £143.00 £140.14
P701818JAN/B Code: P701818JAN/B Door Colour: Price: £143.00 £140.14
P701818JAN/GR Code: P701818JAN/GR Door Colour: Price: £143.00 £140.14
P701818JAN/R Code: P701818JAN/R Door Colour: Price: £143.00 £140.14
P701818JAN/W Code: P701818JAN/W Door Colour: Price: £143.00 £140.14
P701818JAN/Y Code: P701818JAN/Y Door Colour: Price: £143.00 £140.14


Code: LSTO/SGR Accessories: Sloping locker top Colour: Price: £10.00 £9.80
Code: LSTO/SMW Accessories: Sloping locker top Colour: Price: £10.00 £9.80
Code: LSTO/K Accessories: Sloping locker top Colour: Price: £10.00 £9.80

Janitor Metal Locker

What is the purpose of the janitor metal locker?

A janitor metal locker is a useful utility closet for any cleaning staff. It is designed to be easy to use and accomplishes this task simply but effectively. This janitor metal locker comes with features that enable cleaning staff to get easy access to their tools and equipment easily. The vented doors ensure that there won't be a build-up of chemical smells from chemicals that are stored in there.

Where can the janitor metal locker be used?

The janitor metal locker can be seen in any number of corporate cleaning departments. Because of the unobtrusive design it can fit into areas that other full-size closets would not be able to get into. This janitor metal locker offers all the amenities that cleaning staff would require without giving unnecessary depth or width. It does what it needs to do in a very efficient manner.

Who might use the janitor metal locker?

Cleaning companies are among the obvious users of this sort of locker, but they are not the only ones that make use of the janitor metal locker. Larger, corporate entities with internal cleaning departments can also make great use of these lockers to store equipment so that rotating cleaning staff can use the same materials. Manual car wash locations can also use the janitor metal locker as a way to store things like windshield cleaner and polish because of the ventilation of the locker.

Janitor metal locker Specifications

This janitor metal locker comes with a vented door and has dimensions of 1780mm (H) x 460mm (W) x 460mm (D). There is a vertical portion dividing the locker into two with one side being divided up into three half-shelves allowing easy storage of bottled chemicals and small materials such as rags and cleaning implements. The larger partition offers a coat hook for hanging uniforms when not in use. Across the top, a 305mm full width shelf serves as a utility storage space.

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