Glassfibre swingback stepladder
Tradesman Fibreglass swingback stepladder
Glassfibre Swingback Stepladder
Glassfibre swingback stepladder
Tradesman Fibreglass swingback stepladder
Glassfibre Swingback Stepladder

Glassfibre Swingback Stepladder

  • Ideal for maintenance & electrical work (ladder is non conductive)
  • Very strong glassfibre construction with wide serrated aluminium treads
  • Heavy duty channel sides
  • Moulded tool tray
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • 150kg load capacity
  • Single and Double-sided models
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

SK3187 Code: SK3187 Description: 4 tread Dimensions (mm): 950(H) Price: £80.00 £76.00
SK3188 Code: SK3188 Description: 5 tread Dimensions (mm): 1180(H) Price: £91.00 £86.45
SK3189 Code: SK3189 Description: 6 tread Dimensions (mm): 1420(H) Price: £96.00 £91.20
SK3190 Code: SK3190 Description: 8 tread Dimensions (mm): 1880(H) Price: £110.00 £104.50
SK3191 Code: SK3191 Description: 10 tread Dimensions (mm): 2340(H) Price: £149.00 £141.55
SK3192 Code: SK3192 Description: 12 tread Dimensions (mm): 2800(H) Price: £156.00 £148.20

Glassfibre Swingback Stepladder

Even the most skilled tradesman and companies can sometimes struggle to complete jobs without the proper equipment. While some think that traditional metal ladders are the only option that is viable for industry work, the glass fibre stepladder from The Workplace Depot is a versatile and modern solution for both homes and businesses. Built to be an alternative to traditional ladders which can sometimes wobble and prove dangerous for electric work, this stable and non-conductive unit is ideal for electricians and many other types of companies.

What is The Purpose of The Glassfibre Swingback Stepladder?

Built with safety and stability in mind, this unit provides a solid and sturdy foundation to help homeowners or tradesmen get the additional elevation they need to perform work efficiently. The lightweight design makes transporting the unit much easier. The material is also non-conductive, making it a much safer choice for electrical work. The anti-slip rubber feet give the unit an ability to remain stationary even during jobs which require large amounts of movement.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

This product can be used in various construction jobs. From utility work to painting jobs to electrical operations, the glass fibre stepladder is a versatile tool that is compact enough to transport from job to job but sturdy enough to give years of reliable service. Suitable for both commercial and residential facilities, the ladder can be used as an alternative to bulky metal ladders and small homemade solutions.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product is ideal for electrical or maintenance work, as the non-conductive material allows for a safer source of elevation. Multiple companies can benefit from the unit as it is easy to transport and still provides a stable and rugged base for performing multiple jobs. Homeowners can also benefit from this tool, as it is a lightweight, easily-storable, and reliable unit to help perform odd jobs around the home. The molded tool tray gives a reliable platform to use for longer jobs, so multiple trips aren’t needed to complete repairs and maintenance.

Additional Product Specifications and Information

This glass fibre stepladder comes in numerous models to help everyone get the right tool for their unique situation. Choose between four and twelve treads and 950mm to 2800mm in height to make sure you get the right model for your needs. Exchanges are easy and we will match any price. Get the tool you need to help improve your home or business today!

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