Non conductive fibreglass platform stepladder
Professional tradesman fibreglass platform ladder
Fibreglass Platform Stepladder
Non conductive fibreglass platform stepladder
Professional tradesman fibreglass platform ladder
Fibreglass Platform Stepladder

Fibreglass Platform Stepladder

  • For trade & industrial use - non conductive fibreglass for electrical work
  • Strong glassfibre construction with large stable aluminium platform
  • 80mm wide serrated aluminium treads
  • High safety rail above platform fitted with rigid tool tray
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Conforms to EN131
  • Suited to professional and home use
  • 6 sizes and up to 150kg capacity
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

SK3194 Code: SK3194 Description: 4 treads Platform Height (mm): 950(H) Price: £140.00 £133.00
SK3195 Code: SK3195 Description: 5 treads Platform Height (mm): 1180(H) Price: £144.00 £136.80
SK3196 Code: SK3196 Description: 6 treads Platform Height (mm): 1420(H) Price: £162.00 £153.90
SK3197 Code: SK3197 Description: 8 treads Platform Height (mm): 1880(H) Price: £185.00 £175.75
SK3198 Code: SK3198 Description: 10 treads Platform Height (mm): 2340(H) Price: £231.00 £219.45
SK3199 Code: SK3199 Description: 12 treads Platform Height (mm): 2800(H) Price: £267.00 £253.65

Fibreglass Platform Stepladder

Electricians and maintenance workers face the task of performing very specific jobs on various buildings. Sometimes certain tasks can require a higher vantage point in order to be completed efficiently. However, there are many factors to take into account in order to make sure the tools used are safe. When it comes to ladders, everyone wants to make sure they have a stable and reliable unit that will not move while they are working. In addition, electricians strive to protect themselves from conductive materials and metal ladders are often hard to work with due to this fact. The Workplace Depot offers the Fiberglass Platform Stepladder to help electricians and other tradesmen complete jobs safely.

What is The Purpose of The Fiberglass Platform Stepladder?

Fiberglass ladders provide numerous advantages that traditional ladders lack. In addition to offering stable construction at a weight that makes the unit easy to transport, the non-conductive material is ideal for electric work. The anti-slip rubber feet provide additional protection to make sure that the ladder does not move even when it is being used in very active jobs. Suitable for professional or home use, the rubber feet also prevent damage to floors and other surfaces.

Where Can This Product be Used?

This product is ideal for electrical work and can also be used for a variety of other tasks. Painters, window cleaners, and construction workers can all utilize this rugged and compact unit to give them additional elevation and stability when performing work. This product can be very valuable to have on hand for DIY work at your home as well due to its stability and safe design.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product is ideal for electrical work. Traditional metal ladders can be very hazardous, but the fiberglass platform stepladder is non-conductive and can help keep electricians protected. In addition, numerous other companies can benefit from having this valuable item on hand. Given the safe and sturdy design, homeowners can also benefit from having this item for DIY fixes at their place of residence.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

Delivery can be made in five to seven working days and a one year warranty is included with all parts and labour. We promise to match any price and offer a video demo to help you understand more about the product. With various models available with multiple heights and tread options, everyone can find the right fiberglass ladders for their unique need.

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