Gas Bottle Storage Cage

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  • Unmatched Gas Storage Solution: A versatile and reliable Gas Bottle Storage Cage, perfect for various industrial and commercial gas storage needs.
  • Adaptable Capacity Master: Store up to 12 x 47kg gas bottles with ease, catering to diverse user requirements and ensuring space efficiency.
  • Effortless Modular Setup: Assemble and disassemble quickly with flat panels, offering convenient setup and storage, ideal for dynamic workspace environments.
  • Durable Steel Craftsmanship: Constructed from robust galvanised steel, featuring a 30mm box section and 3mm wire mesh, promising long-lasting durability and strength.
  • All-Weather Resilience: A weather-resistant galvanised frame ensures protection against all climatic conditions, safeguarding your gas bottles year-round.
  • Enhanced Secure Storage: Features a padlock point and hinge doors for top-tier security, restricting unauthorised access and ensuring the safety of your gas cylinders.
  • Scalable Storage Design: Expand storage capacity seamlessly by joining additional cages, making it an ideal solution for growing storage demands.
  • Regulatory Compliant Safety: Includes hazard signs and is designed to meet gas storage regulations, ensuring safety and legal compliance.
  • Ideal Dimensions for Storage: Measuring 1830(H) x 1800(W) x 1250(D) mm, it provides ample space for gas bottle storage while maintaining a compact footprint.
Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Secure and Efficient 

Discover the ultimate solution in gas bottle storage with our Gas Bottle Storage Cage. Engineered for maximum efficiency and security, this cage is a game-changer for businesses and facilities handling large quantities of gas bottles. Its robust design and versatile capacity make it an indispensable asset for safe and organised storage.

The Gas Bottle Storage Cage stands out with its adaptability and durability. Capable of storing up to 12 x 47kg gas bottles, it caters to various storage needs while its modular design ensures easy assembly and space-saving disassembly. Crafted from high-quality galvanised steel and designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, this cage guarantees long-lasting performance and compliance with safety regulations, making it an ideal choice for businesses prioritising safety and efficiency.

Versatile Capacity for Every Need

Maximise your storage efficiency with the Gas Bottle Storage Cage's Adaptable Storage Capacity feature. Designed to hold up to 12 x 47kg gas bottles, this cage is a perfect fit for diverse storage requirements. Whether you're managing a large industrial facility or a small commercial operation, this cage adapts seamlessly to your specific needs, ensuring that you're always prepared for varying demands.

The true beauty of this feature lies in its ability to cater to a broad range of user scenarios. From high-volume storage in industrial settings to moderate needs in smaller establishments, this cage offers unparalleled flexibility. Its design not only optimises space but also ensures ease of access and organisation. With this adaptable capacity, you're investing in a storage solution that evolves with your business, providing reliability and efficiency every step of the way.

Gas Bottle Storage Cage
Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Streamlined Assembly, Simplified Storage

Experience the epitome of convenience with the Gas Bottle Storage Cage's Modular Design. This ingeniously crafted cage boasts flat panels that can be easily assembled and dismantled, making setup and storage a hassle-free process. Ideal for dynamic work environments, this design feature allows for quick adaptation to changing storage needs, without the need for specialised tools or extensive manpower.

The modular design of the cage is not just about ease of assembly; it's about maximising operational efficiency. When not in use, the cage's compact panels can be stored away neatly, conserving valuable space. This feature is particularly beneficial for facilities with limited storage area or those that require frequent reconfiguration. By choosing this storage solution, you're opting for a blend of flexibility and practicality that keeps your workspace organised and adaptable.

Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Overall Dimensions

MESH GAP MESH GAP 52 x 52 mm
SIGN ONE SIGN ONE 230 x 400 mm
SIGN TWO SIGN TWO 275 x 300 mm

Unyielding Strength, Uncompromised Durability

Embark on a journey of enduring reliability with the Gas Bottle Storage Cage, featuring a robust Galvanised Steel Construction. Crafted meticulously from strong galvanised steel and reinforced with a 30mm box section and 3mm wire mesh, this cage is engineered to withstand the test of time. Its formidable build quality not only ensures durability but also provides a secure environment for your gas bottles.

This construction is more than just a structural feature; it's a commitment to safety and longevity. The use of galvanised steel effectively resists rust and corrosion, an essential attribute in varying weather conditions and harsh environments. Whether you're situated in a coastal area prone to salt air or an urban setting with environmental pollutants, this cage remains steadfast, offering consistent protection for your valuable assets.

Gas Bottle Storage Cage
Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Built to Brave the Elements

Introducing the Gas Bottle Storage Cage's weather-resistant frame, a feature that redefines resilience in outdoor storage solutions. Crafted with a galvanised frame, this cage is meticulously designed to withstand a multitude of weather conditions, from scorching sun to torrential rain. This resilience ensures that your gas bottles are protected in any climate, safeguarding your investment and maintaining operational integrity.

The significance of this weather-resistant feature cannot be overstated. It not only extends the life of the cage but also ensures the safety and preservation of the contents within. In environments where exposure to elements is inevitable, this cage stands as a bulwark, effectively preventing rust and corrosion. For businesses and facilities where outdoor storage is a necessity, this cage offers the assurance that your storage solution is as enduring as your commitment to safety and efficiency.

Fortified Security

Elevate the safety of your gas storage with the Gas Bottle Storage Cage's Lockable Security feature. This cage is meticulously designed with a padlock point and robust hinge doors, creating a secure barrier against unauthorised access. This security feature is essential in safeguarding your valuable gas bottles, ensuring they remain protected from theft and tampering, a crucial aspect for any business managing hazardous materials.

The importance of this lockable security goes beyond just physical protection. It instils a sense of confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your assets are under lock and key. In environments where security is paramount, this cage serves as a reliable guardian. Whether in a remote location or a bustling industrial site, the lockable feature of this cage provides an added layer of security, keeping your storage area secure and your operations running smoothly.

Gas Bottle Storage Cage
Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Scalable Solutions for Growing Needs

Embrace the flexibility of expansion with the Gas Bottle Storage Cage's Expandable Storage feature. This innovative design allows for the seamless joining of additional cages, providing a scalable storage solution that grows with your business needs. Whether you're experiencing a surge in demand or planning for future growth, this feature ensures that your storage capabilities can keep pace, adapting effortlessly to your evolving requirements.

The ability to expand storage is not just a convenience; it's a strategic advantage. It eliminates the need for multiple, disjointed storage units, fostering a more organised and efficient storage system. This modular expansion capability is ideal for businesses looking to optimise space while maintaining a tidy and safe storage environment. With the Gas Bottle Storage Cage, you're not just investing in a static solution, but in a dynamic system that can adapt and expand, aligning perfectly with your business's growth trajectory.

Compliance and Safety

Step into the realm of uncompromised safety and regulatory adherence with the Gas Bottle Storage Cage. This cage comes equipped with prominent hazard signs, ensuring that it meets the stringent standards set for gas storage regulations. This compliance is not just a feature; it's a commitment to upholding the highest safety protocols, providing an added layer of protection for both your staff and facilities.

The inclusion of these hazard signs and the adherence to regulatory standards is crucial in today's safety-conscious environment. It not only minimises the risk of accidents and liability but also instils confidence in your operational practices. Businesses that prioritise compliance understand the importance of maintaining a safe and legally compliant workspace.

Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Item Information

  • Stores up to 12 x 47kg gas bottles, adaptable for various needs.
  • Modular design for easy assembly, disassembly, and convenient storage.
  • Constructed with durable galvanised steel, 30mm box section, 3mm wire mesh.
  • Weather-resistant frame designed for all conditions, ensuring longevity.
  • Lockable security with padlock point and hinge doors for safety.
  • Expandable storage feature, join additional cages for increased space.
  • Compliant with gas storage regulations, includes necessary hazard signs.
  • Dimensions: 1830(H) x 1800(W) x 1250(D) mm, compact and efficient.
  • Material: High-quality, rust-resistant galvanised steel for durability.
  • Locking mechanism includes padlock point, secure hinge doors.
  • Weatherproof galvanised frame, suitable for diverse environmental conditions.
  • Modular flexibility, ideal for customised, space-saving storage solutions.
Gas Bottle Storage Cage

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Gas Bottle Storage Cage

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Gas Bottle Storage Cage
Gas Bottle Storage Cage

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