Ex Demo Pallet Truck

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Ex Demo Pallet Truck
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The Hydraulic Solution for Effortless Pallet Handling

  • Clearance Offer: Ex-demo, ex-display, and refurbished units in great working condition with minor marks; guide prices based on condition and accessories; sold as seen with no returns. Condition and availability may vary.
  • Streamline Your Warehouse Operations: With a load capacity of 2500kg, the Pump Truck simplifies the process of hauling stock around your facility.
  • Hydraulic Pump for Easy Operation: The hydraulic pump requires no electricity, providing a low maintenance solution for effortless pallet handling.
  • Three Position Trigger: The easy-use handle has an integral three-position trigger (Lift, Lower, and Neutral) for smooth operation.
  • Versatile Fork Design: The Pump Truck's forks measure 1200(L) x 155(W) with a lowered height of 80mm and can be lifted up to a height of 190mm.
  • Robust Chassis: The robust chassis is crafted from hard wearing steel and is designed for constant daily use, with durable fork rollers and no-marking steer wheels.
  • Corrosion Resistant: The powder coating finish helps to protect against corrosion and adds strength, ensuring that your Pump Truck will last for years to come.
  • Easy Assembly: The handle requires assembly to the body. A helpful video guide ensures quick installation.
Ex Demo Pallet Truck

Ex-Demo Pallet Truck Deals

At The Workplace Depot, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers excellent products, and our clearance section is no exception. We have a range of ex-demo, ex-display and refurbished products in our warehouse, all of which have had their prices slashed to show genuine reductions.

All items are in good working condition but may have visible minor marks. Refurbished items are customer returns and may have been repaired. Our clearance products are listed with ‘guide prices’, which is the average price based on the unit’s condition and accessories included.

These items are sold as seen and returns are not accepted for these items. Condition and availability may vary.

Conquer Warehouse Tasks With Ease

Sporting a robust load capacity of 2500 kg, the Pallet Truck emerges as an invaluable asset to any warehouse or assembly environment. This considerable load-handling capacity not only simplifies processes by reducing trip frequency, but also enhances productivity by saving precious time.

The Pallet Truck's robust carrying capacity ensures adaptability with a multitude of products and materials, reinforcing its versatility across varied tasks. From loading and unloading vehicles to relocating products within the warehouse, its wide-ranging utility makes the Pallet Truck an indispensable part of your daily operations. 

Ex Demo Pallet Truck
Ex Demo Pallet Truck

Hassle Free Logistics

Fuelled by a hydraulic pump that needs no electricity, the Pallet Truck is your go-to choice for a reliable, user-friendly warehouse logistics solution. Its efficiency surpasses electric pallet trucks, making it not only easy to operate but also significantly more cost-effective.

The Pallet Truck's hydraulic mechanism delivers a sustained working life with minimal upkeep, offering consistent, reliable operation and mitigating the demand for expensive repairs or replacements. It's the perfect fit for businesses valuing efficiency, economy, and minimal interruptions, as it boosts productivity while helping to curtail unwarranted expenditure. 

Ex Demo Pallet Truck

Overall Dimensions


Ergonomic Grip 

The Pallet Truck's ergonomic grip marks a significant step towards making warehouse operations more user-friendly and comfortable. This carefully designed feature alleviates the physical exertion typically associated with manual pallet handling, making it a popular choice for workers dealing with frequent heavy lifting.

With an emphasis on maintaining natural hand positions, the ergonomic grip enables workers to handle pallets without the need for uncomfortable bending, twisting, or reaching. This thoughtful design helps users sustain a healthier posture and substantially reduces the risk of common occupational injuries such as those to the back, neck, or shoulder.

Ex Demo Pallet Truck
Ex Demo Pallet Truck

Tackle All Pallets with Ease

The Pallet Truck's forks, with dimensions of 1200(L) x 155(W) and a lift height of 190mm, are an essential feature ensuring versatility and efficiency in handling. Expertly designed to lift, move, and store pallets of all shapes and sizes, these forks adapt to a broad spectrum of logistical needs.

Additionally, the lift height of 190mm offers generous clearance for easy manoeuvring, even in compact spaces. This is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with a diverse product range, as it ensures the Pallet Truck can comfortably handle an array of loads without complications. The design of the forks further guarantees superior stability, enabling safe and undamaged product transport while minimising the risk of worker injury

Simplify Operations, Boost Productivity

The Pallet Truck's user-friendly handle, complete with a three-position trigger for Lift, Lower, and Neutral, makes operation both intuitive and efficient. This clever design ensures pallet handling is effortless, empowering any user, regardless of their skill level or experience, to take control of the device with ease.

This feature is especially beneficial for businesses with frequent staff changes, as it allows for quick onboarding, ensuring new team members can operate the Pallet Truck safely and competently. Beyond that, the easy-use handle significantly enhances workflow, allowing swift adjustments to the fork height to accommodate various pallet types.

Ex Demo Pallet Truck
Ex Demo Pallet Truck

Ensure Durability

The Pallet Truck's powder coating finish is an exceptional feature that guarantees the longevity of the device, even after sustained use. This finish effectively combats corrosion, safeguarding the Pallet Truck from potential damage caused by exposure to moisture or other environmental elements.

Furthermore, the powder coating lends additional robustness, fortifying the device against the inevitable wear and tear that comes with frequent use. This feature holds particular value for businesses operating in environments where moisture or corrosive agents are prevalent, as it ensures the Pallet Truck remains operational even under the harshest conditions.

Navigating Made Easy

The Pallet Truck's expansive steering angle is a standout feature, making manoeuvring a breeze, even within tight or cluttered workspaces. This attribute grants users enhanced control and nimbleness, allowing them to skillfully navigate around obstacles and execute sharp turns without the need for tedious back-and-forth adjustments.

Such a feature significantly reduces the time and effort expended on tasks, thereby boosting overall productivity and efficiency. The wide steering angle ensures that even those new to using the Pallet Truck can operate it with ease, mitigating the risk of damage to the device or injury to staff members.

Ex Demo Pallet Truck

Item Information

  • Robust load capacity of 2500 kg
  • Forks measure 1200(L) x 155(W) and can lift up to a height of 190mm
  • Two forks have a lowered height of 80mm, forks measure across 550mm
  • Hydraulic pump requires no electricity and needs minimal maintenance
  • Ergonomic grip for easy pick up, haul, and lowering of pallets without any strain
  • Easy-use handle with three-position trigger: Lift, Lower, and Neutral
  • Wide steering angle for easy rotation and turning in restricted workspaces
  • Powder coating finish resists corrosion and adds strength to ensure durability
  • Chassis made from hard wearing steel resilient enough for constant daily use
  • Durable fork rollers and no-marking 170(H) x 50(W) mm steer wheels
  • Handle requires assembly to body - video available for easy installation.
Ex Demo Pallet Truck

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Ex Demo Pallet Truck

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Ex Demo Pallet Truck
Ex Demo Pallet Truck

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