ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg
ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg
ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg
ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg
ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg
ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg

ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg

  • 600kg Capacity
  • Tubular steel and sectional welded steel construction
  • Conductive powder coated RAL7015 Slate Grey
  • Screw and plug type construction
  • Light grey HPL composite shelves according to DIN68765
  • 2 braked swivel and 2 fixed 200x50mm ball bearing castors
  • TPE-ESD Tyres
  • Simple self assembly required
10-15 days


10-15 days


10 year parts / labour

Product Variations

9402 Code: 9402 Platform (mm): 1000 x 700 Dimensions (mm): 905(H) x 1190(W) x 700(D) Weight (KG): 50 Price: £697.00 £662.15
9403 Code: 9403 Platform (mm): 1200 x 800 Dimensions (mm): 905(H) x 1390(W) x 800(D) Weight (KG): 59 Price: £808.00 £767.60

ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley 500kg

ESD is short for “ElectroStatic Discharge”. This is the top of the line heavy duty cart demanded by top of the line, heavy duty people. Just take a look at the choice of colour. A colour scheme of grey on grey which symbolizes security, solidity, respectability, craftsmanship in the world of heavy duty trolleys just as grey hair represents the same impressive list of characteristics in the boardroom. Rest assured that the HPL composite shelf is made according to DIN68765.

Say you have 456 Kilograms of gold bullion and you need it moved from the locked safe in your bosses office to the boot of your car on his lunch hour and he is due back any second. You could make five trips with the folding sack truck, two and a half trips with one of our entry-level ecoline models or one trip with the ESD Shelf Heavy duty trolley with a few kilograms left over to camouflage the contents of your cart with so as not to be seen with the pile of bullion sitting there in the middle of your cart, not that there is anything fishy going on, merely for appearances sake. This is the kind of flexibility you get with a first class cart like this. Labor saving devices like these carts help to keep your workforce from developing chronic back problems by allowing the transfer of heavy things to be done in a more civilised manner allowing them to work smarter, not harder. And steering this deluxe cart is a breeze with two swivel castors.


Screw and plug construction. 2 braked swivel and 2 fixed 200 x 50 mm roller bearing castors. 500kg capacity. HPL DIN68765. Conductive powder coated. 1000 x 700

9403 - a larger size 1200 x 800 platform for less dense materials.

What is the purpose of an ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley?

Transporting equipment or goods within the workplace or in the home can be exhausting, time consuming and costly without the right equipment. To improve productivity, the task can be best performed with the ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley. The trolley is designed to move goods or materials with weight up to 500 KG. The ESD surface may also be used for assembly of electronic parts. It is equipped with 2 braked swivel and 2 fixed roller bearing castors allowing for easy manoeuvrability and control.

Where can an ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley be used?

Due to its simple yet robust design, the trolley may be used in the workplace, in schools, commercial areas or even in the home. IT equipment, products, waste bins, boxes and other office paraphernalia can safely be transported between areas with ease. Retail locations benefit from the trolley by easily transporting goods while small home or office furnishings can be transported with minimal time and effort. Industrial locations and warehouses can likewise move materials easily with the two-shelf trolley.

Who might use this product?

Office personnel whose jobs require a lot of mobility will find practical ways of using the ESD 2 shelf heavy duty trolley. Workers in warehouses, industrial as well as commercial establishments can utilize the trolley. Support staff such as janitors, teachers’ aids or student helpers in schools and other learning institutions will find their transport tasks more manageable with the help of our wheeled trolley.

ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley product specifications

This ESD electrostatic discharge trolley is safe for hauling electronic or other equipment without the danger of electrostatic charge build up. It is built with lightweight tubular steel and sectional welded steel together with HPL composite shelves according to DIN68765. The brakes on the two swivels may be operated with the foot for easy maneuverability. The roller bearing castors are skid-proof and apply as little friction on the floor as possible. The ESD 2 shelf heavy duty trolley comes in dark grey and lighter grey, which will compliment any professional environment. It is ergonomically designed with a comfortable waist-high construction. All the materials used in this product ensure durability with approved safety operating measures.The product is available in two dimensions allowing for versatility of use. 9402 comes in 905(H) x 1190(W) x 700(D) while dimensions for the 9403 model is 905(H) x 1390(W) x 800(D). For those on a budget, it is wise to invest in a heavy duty trolley such as the ESD 2 shelf trolley as its dimensions are easy to maneuver through narrow aisles in the workplace or corridors in the home and can be used in a number of ways.

Interesting facts about ESD 2 Shelf Heavy Duty Trolley

The ESD shelf trolley is constructed specifically to discharge electric static construction in both processing and electronic environments. The steel of the body is tubular and welded allowing for maximum safety when handled. The entire structure is coated with conductive powder to limit the amount of danger to staff transporting electronic equipment.

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