Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens
Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens
Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens
Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens
Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens
Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens

Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens

  • 25mm thick, 4mm thick PVC trim in either silver or white
  • Will fit to the Fraction panel end ranges office desks
  • Choice of Cara fabric colours which are 100% polypropylene and fully flame retardant
  • 2 brackets must be ordered wih each screen, please select from accessories
  • Comprehensive range of accessories to choose from, accessory rail needed for any accessory ordered
  • Made to order, non-returnable products
20 days


20 days


5 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: L-AC-0638R
Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 585(W) PVC Trim: Price: £58.00 £56.84
Code: L-AC-0838R Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 785(W) PVC Trim: Price: £63.00 £61.74
Code: L-AC-0838
Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 800(W) PVC Trim: Price: £65.00 £63.70
Code: L-AC-1038 Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1000(W) PVC Trim: Price: £68.00 £66.64
Code: L-AC-1038R Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 985(W) PVC Trim: Price: £68.00 £66.64
Code: L-AC-1238R Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1185(W) PVC Trim: Price: £75.00 £73.50
Code: L-AC-1238 Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1200(W) PVC Trim: Price: £77.00 £75.46
Code: L-AC-1438R Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1385(W) PVC Trim: Price: £79.00 £77.42
Code: L-AC-1438 Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1400(W) PVC Trim: Price: £81.00 £79.38
Code: L-AC-1638R Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1585(W) PVC Trim: Price: £93.00 £91.14
Code: L-AC-1638 Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1600(W) PVC Trim: Price: £96.00 £94.08
Code: L-AC-1838R Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1785(W) PVC Trim: Price: £98.00 £96.04
Code: L-AC-1838 Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 1800(W) PVC Trim: Price: £100.00 £98.00
Code: L-AC-2038 Colour: Dimensions (mm): 380-180(H) x 2000(W) PVC Trim: Price: £102.00 £99.96


Code: SA-NHLD Description: Name holder Price: £9.00 £8.82
Code: SA-PEPT Description: Pencil pot Price: £9.00 £8.82
Code: SA-PHLD Description: Phone holder Price: £9.00 £8.82
Code: SA-A3LT Description: A3 letter tray Price: £11.00 £10.78
Code: ACR-08 Description: Accessory rail 600mm width Price: £12.00 £11.76
Code: SA-TRPT Description: Trinkle pot Price: £12.00 £11.76
Code: SBKT-01 Description: Bracket for desk mounted screens - two required Price: £12.00 £11.76
Code: ACR-10 Description: Accessory rail 800mm width Price: £13.00 £12.74
Code: SA-A4LT Description: A4 letter tray Price: £13.00 £12.74
Code: ACR-12 Description: Accessory rail 1000mm width Price: £14.00 £13.72
Code: ACR-14 Description: Accessory rail 1200mm width Price: £15.00 £14.70
Code: ACR-16 Description: Accessory rail 1400mm width Price: £19.00 £18.62
Code: ACR-18 Description: Accessory rail 1600mm width Price: £19.00 £18.62

Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens

What is the purpose of the Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens?

If you have a large desk and you would like to separate some of your employees from others, you might want to consider this product. Sometimes you want to know that you can give your employees the space they need in order to get their jobs done, and one of the great things about the Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screen is that it can be used on several different kinds of desks—you'll want to check and see if the dimensions work for you.

Where can this product be used?

You can use this product in multiple scenarios, including your work space or home. Anytime you need to create some personal space, this product can be used. You might also want to consider this product if you are a teacher and you need a way to separate your students from one another either during testing or if they have personal projects that they need to finish, this can be a great way to make sure they get it done.

Who might use this product?

Several people might use this product, but most likely you'll find offices are the best places to set up the Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens. If you have a large desk, it might be just the right product for you. Teachers can also use it for their classrooms or testing centres can use it to separate those who come in to take a test.

Arc Top Desk Mounted Office Screens Specifications

It is 25mm thick, with a 4mm thick PVC trim in either silver or white. You can choose between several different Cara custom fabrics that are 100% polypropylene and fully flame retardant. It can fit to the Fractional panel end ranges on office desks. You'll want to know that two brackets must be ordered with each screen. There is also a comprehensive range of accessories to choose from and an accessory rail is needed for any accessory ordered. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

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