2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley
Order Picking Trolley 2 shelves
2 shelf picking trolley
2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley
Order Picking Trolley 2 shelves
2 shelf picking trolley

2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley

  • Tubular steel trolley
  • Integral spring loaded steps
  • Plywood shelves with 15mm retaining lip
  • 2 Shelves at 310mm & 970mm
  • Non slip safety treads on steps
  • 4 swivel castors
  • RAL Blue 5007 frame
Article about order picking trolleys - click here.
10-15 days


10-15 days


1 year parts / labour

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Code: BC51 Dimensions (mm): 1520(H) x 480(W) x 1350(D) Price: £563.00 £534.85

2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley

We all know the top few shelves are just out of reach and while there are step stools we never quite know where they are at this moment.. This rolling shelf accomplishes a number of goals that will improve the work environment almost instantly, upon deployment. The shelves will no longer be used as steps by the lazy fat dude who co-starred in "Sean of the Dead" and isn't going to bother looking for the stool anyway.

When the type of business that you do demands a set of rolling shelves with steps, then this is the trolley series you have been waiting for. Afficianados of old school trolley technology appreciate the plywood series for both nostalgic and weight reasons. More industrial enthusiasts of this series love the deep powder coated steel trays’ modern looking color scheme, and just prefer steel to wood when working conditions can often include moisture. All of them feature non-slip safety treads, 125mm wheels and 760 x 460 decks in your preference of coated steel or plywood.

4 swiveling wheels make this a very maneuverable machine and there is room at the non-step end to hang fun license plate, a local sports team or automobile logo or a morale boosting weekly message to your troops to show them that you care, even when you are not around. People who like a tidier workspace have been known to hand a small waste basket on there.

760 x 400mm shelves 250mm height steps, non-slip, to 50mm top-step. 4 castored 100mm wheels. Welded steel frame

We have three shelf configurations to best suit your particular workspace: starting with the 2 shelf plywood order picking trolley BC51. IT has shelves placed at 310mm and 970mm and both ply decks feature a 15mm retaining lip to keep shelved items on the shelf, especially when moving. This is tubular steel with a sturdy plywood deck and is also available in the coated steel variety which is BC51/S Next up is the 3 Shelf Low order picking mobile work station BC52 which adds a third deck at 640mm for applications entailing many smaller items. Steel shelved variety BC52/s Finally we have theBC53 High variety whose shelves align at 310mm 860mm and 1420mm which of course also comes with steel shelves, BC53/s

What is the purpose of a 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley?

The 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley is a useful tool for picking orders from high shelves. The two shelves provided allow the user to cart a large number of items from high shelves within the retail store or even from the warehouse. The shelves are made from plywood which is durable and can support large weights. This product is fitted with four wheels all of which are capable of swiveling. This design feature makes it very mobile and easy to move from one section to another. The shelves have a retaining lip built into them to ensure your products don’t slip off.

Where can a 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley be used?

The steps designed into the 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley have inbuilt non-slip safety threads which makes them safe for use. The shelves have a 15 millimeter retaining lip built all around their edges to ensure that products do not slip off while the trolley is in motion. The trolley has two shelves to increase the number of products that can be ferried at one go. Furthermore, the sturdy steel framework is painted bright blue which is good for visibility of the trolley while being used. This makes this trolley a useful product to have around a commercial enterprise where products need to be moved from areas which are elevated. You can therefore find it at wholesalers, retail stores, and warehouses.

Who might use this product?

The stability of the 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley and its large load carrying capacity make it useful for commercial enterprises. It enables the user to cart large, unwieldy, or bulky products without undergoing too much physical strain. All the wheels swivel which makes it very easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The frame has two high supporting holds on either side which can be used as hand supports when using the trolley. It can be used by employees in charge of bringing customers good housed in the store or warehouse.

Specifications and warranties

The 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley has a RAL Blue 5007 frame. This tubular structure is made out of steel which makes it quite sturdy and stable. The shelves are placed at heights of 310 and 970 millimeters. These shelves have dimensions of 740 x 400 millimeters with a retaining lip all round their edges of 15mm. All of this is supported on four castored 100mm wheels. The threaded steps are spring loaded. This lowers the rubber coated metal feet when someone is using the trolley to ensure stability and immobilization. This product comes with a standard one year warranty on parts and labor.

Interesting facts about 2 Shelf Plywood Order Picking Trolley

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