1 Door Locker

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Bold, Brilliant, Built-to-last

  • Secure Storage Redefined: Discover the 1 Door Locker - a versatile solution for schools, gyms, and workplaces, offering robust protection for personal belongings.
  • Reinforced Steel Construction: Engineered for resilience, this locker is made from reinforced steel, ensuring superior strength and longevity in demanding environments.
  • Long-Lasting Finish: Coated with durable powder paint, it resists wear and tear, maintaining a fresh, clean appearance through years of use.
  • Ventilation for Freshness: Integrated air ventilation holes in the door promote air circulation, keeping contents fresh and odour-free, ideal for clothing storage.
  • Optimised Storage Design: Each locker features a convenient upper hat shelf and coat rail, maximising space and organisation for a variety of personal items.
  • Sleek and Stylish: Boasting a clean light grey frame complemented by stylish yellow doors, this locker adds a modern touch to any setting.
  • Vandal-Resistant Doors: With reinforced doors designed to resist vandalism and twisting, this locker is a reliable safeguard against tampering and damage.
  • Secure Locking System: Each unit is equipped with key cam-locks, providing secure storage and peace of mind, with two keys issued for accessibility.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring 1800(H) x 300(W) x 300(D) mm, this locker fits seamlessly into a variety of spaces.
1 Door Locker

Unlock Superior Storage

In a world where durability meets style, the 1 Door Locker stands as a testament to what thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship can achieve. Crafted from premium reinforced steel and elegantly finished in a light grey frame with striking yellow doors, this locker isn't merely a storage solution; it's a statement piece.

Beyond its undeniable aesthetics, the 1 Door Locker offers unparalleled functionality. From its corrosion-resistant powder paint that combats mould and fungus, to its integrated ventilation ensuring the freshness of your belongings, every detail is meticulously thought out. Whether it’s for a bustling restaurant or a sterile hospital, this locker promises not only secure storage but also an elevation of the surrounding space's style quotient.

Strength in Steel

At the heart of our 1 Door Locker lies its core material: reinforced steel. This isn’t just any regular metal; it's the embodiment of resilience and longevity. Its robust nature ensures that the locker stands sturdy against daily wear and tear, providing a shield against external forces and impacts. Every inch of the locker emanates confidence, and it all starts with this carefully chosen, superior-quality steel.

But why does reinforced steel matter to you? Because it translates to trust. Trust that your belongings are safeguarded in a locker that's built to last, and confidence in a product that’s designed with utmost integrity. A locker isn’t merely a storage solution; it's a protector of your personal space and possessions. With our reinforced steel construction, rest assured, you're investing in the very best of durability and security.

1 Door Locker
1 Door Locker

Enduring Elegance

The 1 Door Locker's surface isn’t just about colour; it’s about combining beauty with resilience. Our choice of durable powder paint ensures that the locker isn't simply pleasing to the eye, but it’s also engineered for long-lasting performance. This special coating goes beyond the superficial, providing a protective layer that actively combats elements that typically degrade metal over time, such as moisture, corrosion, and everyday abrasions.

But the benefits of our durable powder paint extend even further. It serves a dual purpose, acting both as a guardian shield and an aesthetic enhancer. As it resists mould, fungus, and corrosion, it keeps the locker looking pristine and fresh, maintaining its visual appeal for years.

1 Door Locker

Overall Dimensions


Breathe Easy

At first glance, they might seem like mere design elements, but the integrated air ventilation holes in our 1 Door Locker's door serve a vital purpose. Their strategic inclusion ensures that your belongings are exposed to a consistent flow of air, preventing the build-up of unwanted odours and ensuring a fresh environment inside the locker at all times. This feature champions the thoughtfulness behind the design, considering both functionality and user experience.

But the brilliance of these ventilation holes extends beyond just air circulation. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and freshness of stored clothes, reducing the risk of dampness or mildew formation. Especially in environments where the locker might house gym kits, work uniforms, or any clothing, this feature ensures that garments remain fresh and ready to wear.

1 Door Locker
1 Door Locker

Elevated Organisation

In the world of storage, it's the nuances that make a difference. Our 1 Door Locker, with its single door unit, goes a step further with an integrated upper hat shelf and coat rail. This isn't merely about adding components; it's about understanding the multifaceted needs of our users. Whether it's a hat that needs its own space or a coat that requires hanging without creasing, this locker is prepared to accommodate.

The advantage of this thoughtful inclusion is manifold. Not only does it maximise the utility of the vertical space within the locker, ensuring that items are not piled haphazardly, but it also provides a systematic approach to storage. It's a testament to the idea that a locker can be both functional and sophisticated.

Modern Aesthetics

In the realm of design, colours speak volumes, and with our 1 Door Locker, the narrative is one of contemporary sophistication. The clean light grey frame serves as a canvas of calm, a neutral hue that seamlessly merges with any environment. But then, the stylish yellow doors introduce a burst of energy, a touch of vibrancy, making the locker stand out, yet not shout.

This deliberate colour combination isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality too. The light grey frame remains forgiving to minor scuffs and marks, ensuring the locker retains its sleek look over time. Meanwhile, the yellow doors serve as an easy identifier, especially when nested among other lockers. 

1 Door Locker
1 Door Locker

Unyielding Defence

In the face of unexpected challenges, our 1 Door Locker remains undeterred, and the key lies in its reinforced doors. Crafted with precision, these doors boast vandal and twist-resistant features, ensuring that the locker remains uncompromised, even under forceful or deliberate attempts to damage or deform it. It's not just about being robust; it's about fortifying your peace of mind.

The significance of such a design becomes even more apparent in bustling environments, where lockers are often prone to accidental bumps or intentional mischief. These reinforced doors stand as a testament to durability and security, ensuring that your belongings are shielded and the locker retains its pristine appearance.

Double the Assurance

The security of one's belongings often hinges on the smallest of details, and with our 1 Door Locker, that detail is the key cam-lock system. This meticulously designed locking mechanism ensures that your items remain securely stored, shielded from unwanted access. But we've gone a step further: each locker is issued with not one, but two keys, a nod to the importance of backup and convenience.

This dual-key provision serves a dual purpose. First, it offers a layer of redundancy; misplace a key, and you have another at the ready, preventing potential lockouts. Second, it provides the flexibility for shared access, be it among family members, teammates, or colleagues.

1 Door Locker
1 Door Locker

Versatile by Design

The 1 Door Locker has been masterfully crafted not just for its individual prowess, but also for its communal strength. Its design allows for seamless individual use, perfectly fitting into isolated nooks or corners. However, its true versatility shines when it's nested beside its kin, creating a harmonious line-up of secure storage, optimising space and enhancing the organisational layout of any setting.

This feature holds special significance for places that have dynamic storage needs, such as schools, gyms, or workplaces. As the number of users or members grow, the flexibility to add more lockers without a complete overhaul becomes invaluable. The ability to use the locker both individually and nested ensures that scalability meets aesthetics, providing a solution that is as future-proof as it is stylish.

Item Information

  • Constructed from high-quality reinforced steel for unmatched durability
  • Durable powder paint finish resists corrosion, fungus, and mould
  • Dimensions: 1800(H) x 300(W) x 300(D) mm for optimal storage
  • Light grey frame paired with eye-catching yellow doors
  • Integrated door ventilation holes ensure freshness and prevent odours
  • Fitted with upper hat shelf and coat rail for organisation
  • Vandal and twist-resistant doors maintain locker's pristine condition
  • Key cam-locks provide secure storage, issued with two keys
  • Suitable for solo use or nested alongside other lockers for expansion
  • Ideal for high-standard establishments: restaurants, hospitals, and more
1 Door Locker

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1 Door Locker

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1 Door Locker
1 Door Locker

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