Reasons Why Designing a Solid Office Business Culture Is Vital for Your Company

Posted on September 29, 2015

Reasons Why Designing a Solid Office Business Culture Is Vital for Your CompanyIn order to lift your startup off the ground, you need to create a healthy business environment that could support your ascension. This is one of the most important unspoken rules that entrepreneurs should consider before embarking on a journey towards their unique dreams and goals. The people who support your growth are the key components that reshape your business from within. This is precisely why one should always strive to develop and preserve a solid office business culture.

Understanding the Concept of Open Office Business Culture and Its Benefits

Corporate culture is usually implied; it is developed in time, from the essence (cumulative traits) of the people who are hired by a particular company. Despite the fact that it employs individuals speaking different languages and sharing a plethora of diverse interests and passions, Google knows how to keep its workers engaged, focused and inspired. Google is well aware that frequent interactions between staff members can contribute to a more relaxed and productive office environment. Its offices and cafes have been designed to ignite this type of intercommunication between Googlers and spark interesting conversations about work and play.

Ways to Develop and Maintain a Healthy Business Culture

Recent research cited by The Atlantic indicates that the highest-performing employees tend to work for 52 minutes without interruption and take a 17-minute break afterwards. This simple formula guarantees their success and indicates that short breaks lead to a higher level of productivity. How you choose to spend your spare time at work is also important, taking into consideration the fact that better workplace relationships may also enable the entire team to achieve greater results. Some businesses stimulate their employees to eat together on Friday. Such informal lunches and casual Fridays at work provide numerous benefits:

  • Reinforced branding (if the team members wear branded apparel)
  • A motivation boost
  • Solid professional relationships

Some staff members are encouraged to play ping-pong at the office. Google has implemented nap times, enabling its personnel to relax, unwind and make the most of a much-needed break to boost their own productivity and motivation. In spite of their differences, all these strategies serve the same purpose: they represent the core of a healthy office business culture designed to consolidate the company, increase employee satisfaction and support future business goals.

Choosing the Right Incentives for Your Workforce

Google-level incentives such as free food, recreation rooms and team-building projects aren’t created and sustained just to attract new talents. All these perks are a part of a much more ambitious long-term plan geared towards building trust and loyalty, keeping staff members focused and satisfied at all times and enhancing creativity. How can you replicate this recipe for success to motivate your own team members and take your company to a whole new level? Take a closer look at your business environment, and come up with incentives tailored to its nature and particularities.

For instance, ping pong or foosball tables may not find their place in a high-powered corporate building. On the other hand, the people who work in these offices also want their leader to stimulate their competitiveness. They tend to be overachievers and incredibly goal oriented; this is precisely why they require interactive contests, high-end team-building events and rewards for their quality work. Find out what makes your personnel tick and personalize your strategy accordingly to take pride in a more cohesive, success-oriented team. At the end of the day, if you wish to transform your indoor space to make it reflect your values, vision, mission and office business culture, remember that you could find a great variety of workplace products, including office furniture, shelving and racking, lockers, trucks and trolleys at The Workplace Depot, the dependable supplier working around the clock to help you maintain a healthy and safe business climate.

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