Magnetic Numbers & Letters

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Item Information

  • Sheet of magnetic numbers or letters
  • Black characters on yellow or white background
  • Reference /L = Letters A-Z
  • Reference /N = Numbers 0-9
  • Tile sizes 43mm with 39mm high characters or 23mm with a 17mm high characters


What Is the Purpose of the Magnetic Numbers and Letters?

These numbers and letters are a handy marking system that you can apply to organise your workspace. The numbers and letters allow for any combination of words and tracking numbers. You can use them for ordering shelving, identifying parts, or naming anything with a metal surface. The magnetic numbers and letters are perfect for a reusable system to identify and mark your items. They are high visibility and durable to withstand the rigours of your workplace. The yellow and white sheets come in two different sizes so the range of possibilities is large, both inside and out. The full alphabet in upper case is included along with numbers 0-9 and a few other meaningful symbols you can use. This solves your issue of organising the office and warehouse in one product. Don’t delay grabbing these magnetic numbers and letters for all your display needs.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

As these numbers and letters are magnetic, they work on any ferrous surface that you have. The surface doesn’t even have to be flat as the numbers and letters can conform to the shape of the surface. This makes it ideal for shelving surfaces that have ripples and protrusions or machinery which rarely have a smooth flat surface. Using these sheets, you’ll find plenty of surfaces where it can come in handy. There are lockers to order, part bins to label, shelves to organize, machinery to identify, and even doorways to mark with these handy magnetic sheets.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product works in the home and in the workplace. The foreman who wants to organize their space can use these sheets to their advantage. Because of their temporary characteristics, they also work for the employees in shipping and receiving who need a simpler way to mark and identify their packages and areas. These sheets won’t sit around unused because of their incredible versatility.

Magnetic Numbers and Letters Specifications

  • Tile sizes come in 43mm with a 39mm symbol or a 23mm tiles with a 17mm symbol.
  • Sheets can be ordered in high visibility yellow or high-glossy white with black lettering.
  • Complete 12 month warranty on all the parts and labour are included with each product we sell.
  • Magnetic sheets attach to any magnetic surface and conform to the contours of the surface.

Magnetic Numbers & Letters Character Sheet

In the tables below you will see the different amount of characters in each pack depending on the tile height you wish to purchase.

23mm Numbers

0 (x31) 1 (x31) 2 (x17) 3 (x17) 4 (x17) 5 (x17) 6 (x17) 7 (x17) 8 (x17) 9 (x17)

23mm Letters

A (x12) B (x6) C (x8) D (x7) E (x21) F (x7) G (x7) H (x6) I (x16) J (x4)
K (x5) L (x7) M (x8) N (x12) O (x12) P (x5) Q (x3) R (x9) S (x8) T (x9)
U (x8) V (x7) W (x3) X (x2) Y (x2) Z (x4)

43mm Numbers

0 (x11) 1 (x10) 2 (x5) 3 (x5) 4 (x5) 5 (x5) 6 (x5) 7 (x5) 8 (x5) 9 (x5)

43mm Letters

A (x3) B (x2) C (x2) D (x2) E (x4) F (x2) G (x2) H (x2) I (x3) J (x1)
K (x1) L (x2) M (x2) N (x3) O (x2) P (x2) Q (x1) R (x3) S (x3) T (x3)
U (x3) V (x2) W (x1) X (x1) Y (x1) Z (x2)


  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in BritainMade in: Britain

Colour Black/White
Features Magnetic
Height (mm) 23
Delivery Time 2-3 working days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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