motorola two way radios
motorola two way radios

Two Way Display Radio

  • Motorola Display two-way radio's are performance you can count on
  • With the XTNID Display two way radio your employees efficiency and overall profitability can increase
  • Helps to keep operations on schedule, maximise job-shift productivity, enhance security and can increase overall customer satisfaction
  • Kit includes : 1 x Display Radio, 1 x Li-ion Battery, 1 x Belt Clip, 1 x Charging Adaptor, 1 x Quick ref guide and 1 x safety sheet
  • Compatibility with same frequency radio's
  • Battery save feature and autoscan
  • Programmable with 8 channels 
  • This product has a Radio Mic Gain
  • Time-out timer and scramble 
  • Scan and scan list
  • Accessory Mic Gain
  • USB CPS Interface
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Two Way Display Radio

What is the purpose of the Two Way Display Radio?

In a number of different industrial applications, having two way radios can be a very beneficial thing to overall operations. In engineering terms especially, a two-way display radio gives employees a means of wireless communication that is secure, allowing commands to be issued at a distance if necessary. Practical means of using two way radios in industry allow for increased productivity by enabling operations to occur over a distance without the need for installing temporary wired communication networks.

Where can the Two Way Display Radio be used?

Because of the multiple wireless bands that can be utilised there are only a few areas where the two-way radios can't be used. You can find them in the airline industry as communication across multiple parts of the airport can be difficult through the use of other means. In warehouses they can be especially useful in situations where workers need to communicate with their supervisors but are too distant to enable comfortable vocal communications.

Who might use the Two Way Display Radio?

Civil engineering firms are among the most common users of this type of technology, allowing technicians to get in contact with laborers during the development of infrastructure across a large site. Similarly, in the field of construction, foremen tend to use these two way radios in order to give directives to workers that may be located atop scaffolding. It is also common to see inspectors of various kinds (whether utilities or building inspectors) use two way display radios in order to keep contact with other members of the office while out on field inspections.

Two Way Display Radio Specifications

The two way display radio kit that we provide gives you access to one display radio, one Li-ion battery, one belt clip, one charging adaptor, one quick reference guide, and one safety sheet per kit. The radios are compatible with any other radio able to access its wavelength, making it useful where you need multiple two way radios tuned to the same frequency. The radio has a ‘battery save’ feature as well as a ‘scan and scramble’ feature, keeping the line between radios secure. The radio microphone ensures that users will always be heard. The USB CPS interface rounds out the available features of this model.

Modern Communication for Modern Convenience

Wireless communication over short distances and LED displays are a common modern convenience but the patent for these devices has been published since February of 1987.

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