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Tighthead Metal Drum
Laquared Tighthead Metal Drum
Laquered Metal Drum
Tighthead Metal Drum
Laquared Tighthead Metal Drum

Tighthead Metal Drums

  • 210 litre capacity
  • Made from steel
  • Available with a plain interior which can be used to store paint and/or coatings or a lacquered interior which is suitable for food and flavourings
  • 585mm deep, 885mm high
  • Tighthead so the lid is sealed
7-10 days


7-10 days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: SK1039 Description: Plain Interior Price: £97.00 £92.15
Code: SK1040 Description: Lacquered Interior Price: £111.00 £105.45

Tighthead Metal Drums

What is the Purpose of Tighthead Metal Drums?

The Drums are made of heavy duty and high end steel to safeguard any item that is stored within them. The tight enclosures ensure that there will be no leakage or seepage that may get in the metal drum and contaminate the contents, most of which are made in big batches that may delay manufacturing schedules or delivery timelines. Simply put, metal drums are the way to go when it comes to storing highly flammable or expensive items that need to be at their purest form upon use.

Where can the Product be Used?

It can be found in most companies that deal with industrial level productions. Some items that may be found in metal drums are mostly liquid substances such as paint, high grade chemicals or other mixtures. Its thikness is also optimized to last several months or years of storage and stay sturdy even during heavy forklifting or stacking in warehouses.

Who Might Use this Product?

Metal drums can be bought by companies who are in the food business such as seasonings, sauces, and drink concentrates. The benefit of investing in such an item is that it guarantees longevity of use and also makes the company more efficient and environment-friendly. With critical items found in it, metal drums should be able to withstand time and pressure as a product.

Product Specifications

For The Workplace Depot metal drums play a big role in the success of their clients’ success, which is why they offer the product in two finishes. The metal drums are made of pure steel and has a 210 litre capacity. Its interiors come in two ways: plain which is great for store paint and a lacquered interior which is good for food and other powdered flavorings. It has a 585 mm depth and stands at 885 mm in height. It comes with a tight head for a completely sealed lid for any use.

Additional Benefits

The company provides free delivery with an affordable price, starting at 92 pounds. It can be shipped in as fast as seven to ten working days after the call. provides clients the convenience of online shopping with major credit cards accepted to make the purchase much more convenient. A call number is also available for clients who may have questions and inquiries on the product. Every metal drum comes with a one year warranty and an easy return product ruling for the convenience of the client.

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