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Structural Foam Tilt Truck

Tilt truck for general refuse collection

Tilt truck for general refuse collection

Structural Foam Tilt Truck



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Item Information

  • For general refuse collection and medium materials
  • Handle at the base enables controlled dumping by one person
  • Easy clean and low maintenance
  • Ergonomic handle allows for safe continuous use and excellent manoeuvring capability
  • Inset wheel prevents damage to surroundings
  • Mark resistant castors
  • 2 wheel and 2 swivel castors
  • Polyethylene

  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in USAMade in: USA

Depth (mm)965
Width (mm)768
Height (mm)1638
Capacity (kg)272
Capacity (litre)600
FeaturesTilt Empty
Lead Time5-7 working days
Body ColourGrey
Depth (mm)965
Width (mm)768
Height (mm)1638
Capacity (kg)453
Capacity (litre)600
FeaturesTilt Empty
Lead Time5-7 working days
Body ColourGrey

Structural Foam Tilt Truck

There is now a safe and durable solution to dump all the clinical and other waste materials in refuse bins made with HDPE strength. A special process called 'injection moulding' has been used to make these refuse bins which makes them strong and durable to hold all the waste. These four-wheeled refuse bins are easy to move and have a large capacity of 1100 litres and can hold a big load of waste. There are two kinds of refuse bins available at The Workplace Depot, one for clinical waste and the other for standard waste. The clinical waste container bin is made specifically for clinical waste and comes in six variations of different sizes. The container lid has a locking system so that the clinical and infectious waste doesn't spill out and release any toxics. The bin is compatible with all comb lifters which makes it very convenient to use. 'Clinical waste only' is imprinted in bold on the container so people know specifically what kind of waste can be dumped in it.

The other kind is the standard refuse container bin with a drop door front so it's easy to empty it out. One of the interesting features of this container is that it doesn't have any label, and instead, optional permanent stamping is available at an extra cost. This gives the organizations an opportunity to personalize their equipments by stamping the name of the organization or labeling the bins separately, for e.g. 'Organic waste' or 'Recycling waste' etc. This bin has nine variations of different sizes. These refuse bins come in five different colours - blue, green, grey, yellow and red. There is a five year guarantee of the products and if there are any damages or defects, the company will replace it. So make use of these bins and place your order soon.

What is the purpose of a structural foam tilt truck?

When collecting plastic and other recyclable refuse from construction or industrial sites, it is recommended that convenient equipment be used for the purpose. This product is an ideal clean-up solution that facilitates easy collection and dumping of industrial and other types of waste. It is built to be handled by a single person and is meant for heavy duty, continuous use for collecting and dumping waste from an elevated position. Non-marking castors ensure that your floors and other surfaces are not scuffed from repeatedly running these tilt trucks over them.

Where can a structural foam tilt truck be used?

At construction or industrial sites where inorganic and other trash is continuously generated, this product serves the useful purpose of being a receptacle for such waste. Being mobile, it can be used at any place where there is a need to continually remove inorganic or other refuse and dump it at a collection point. Because the waste need not be handled manually, it is also ideal for hospitals and health centres where medical waste is generated on a daily basis. It can be used at any location that requires a portable refuse bin for shifting waste from various points to a centralized location for haulage and removal.

Who might use this product?

Anyone who needs to move waste from the point of generation to the point of collection and removal will find this a handy piece of equipment. The easy handling capability and manoeuvrability of this tilt truck makes it perfect for single-person operation. Two fixed wheels and two castors give adequate stability and manoeuvrability, and the extra handle at the bottom ensures that it can be emptied without assistance from a second person. The large capacity makes it easy to shift larger items of refuse such as cardboard boxes and other big items.


The structural foam tilt truck is made from high-grade materials, has a capacity of 600 litres and is available in regular and heavy-duty variants. The tilt truck comes with inset wheels that help avoid side collision when in motion, and the two pairs of wheels – one fixed and the other swivel castors – ensure maximum mobility and manoeuvrability. A domed lid is also available as an extra option. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our structural foam tilt trucks fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about structural foam

Structural foam is a common term for thermoplastic injection-moulded material. The word ‘foam’ refers to the manufacturing procedure that involves injecting a gas into molten plastic to give it a cellular structure that is similar to a honeycomb design on the inside.

What is the purpose of a domed, hinged lid?

Structural foam tilt trucks are used in commercial spaces to carry refuse from the place where it is generated to the place where it is collected and removed. As a tool for refuse collection, the tilt truck has no equal; however, to enhance the safety aspect of these trucks, a domed, hinged lid can be used so that even if the refuse emanates foul or unhygienic smells – such as in the case of organic or chemical waste – it can be used safely with the lid on, yet providing easy access to load or unload the contents.

Where can a domed, hinged lid be used?

This accessory product is manufactured to exact specifications that match the structural foam tilt truck. The dimensions of the lid make it a perfect fit for the truck, while the hinge makes for easy opening and closing. This can go wherever the tilt truck goes, being a constant companion who ‘keeps the lid’ on things, as it were. Industrial and commercial spaces are ideal locations for this lid to be used, as it will take care of your employees by providing a safe yet accessible covering for the tilt trucks.

Who might use this product?

Safety supervisors will insist on having lids for most mobile collector units such as the structural foam tilt truck, and health laws make it mandatory in many places. Those responsible for collecting odorous refuse will also thank you for installing these lids on the tilt trucks they operate regularly. The user will also find the hinged lid a convenient feature, and the dome shape of the lid will prevent water stagnation when it rains. This means that mildew formation is almost eliminated by using a simple but effective design.

Domed, Hinged Lid product specifications

The lid measures 1549(L) X 806(W) x 222(H)mm and fits snugly over the top of the structural foam lid. Made from durable materials, the domed lid is shaped to make water run off the top, while the hinge provides easy open and close access. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our domed, hinged lids fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about structural foam

Structural foam refers to a class of plastics known as cellular plastics. The composition of the material varies depending on the purpose the material will be used for. In general, however, this material is very light but very strong, making it one of the most versatile and frequently used plastics in production today.

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