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Spill Mate
Spill Mate
Spill Mate
Spill Mate
Spill Mate

Spill Mate

  • Sturdy metal unit that keeps all absorbent products centrally located within a working environment
  • Consists of  1 roll holder, 1 shelf for absorbent pads and bottle and a bin for socks
  • Compatible for Maintenance and Oil only absorbents
  • Stand dimensions: 1500(H) x 560(W) x 680(D)mm
  • Rolls and pads are NOT included and should be ordered separately
3 working days


3 working days


1 year parts / labour

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Code: FL-41-105 Description: Spill mate (stand only) Price: £223.00 £218.54


Code: SK-08-103-B Description: Maintenance roll Price: £36.00 £35.28
Code: SK-08-205-B Description: Oil and fuel roll Price: £36.00 £35.28
Code: SK-05-206-B Description: Oil and fuel pad Price: £37.00 £36.26
Code: SK-05-107-B Description: Maintenance pad Price: £38.00 £37.24
Code: SK-05-303-B Description: Chemical pad Price: £39.00 £38.22
Code: SK-08-301-B Description: Chemical roll Price: £42.00 £41.16

Spill Mate

A total storage system for maintenance and oil only spill absorbents, this will be a central feature of your workplace. Build of sturdy metal, this spill mate offers two roll dispensers and a convenient absorbent pad shelf (absorbent pads and towels rolls sold separately).

What is the Purpose of the Spill Mate?

This spill mate is designed to hold absorbent material in the workplace. One model can be used for general maintenance absorbents. Another model is specifically designed for oil-only absorbents.

Where Can This Product be Used?

This product is perfect for workplaces where there are frequent spills or splashes that need to be absorbed quickly. Car mechanics, auto garages, home car care stations, laboratories, and other similar locations would benefit from this product. Custodians and janitors, as well as those working with animals, would also find this product useful as a quick cleaning station.

Who Might Use This Product?

Anyone looking to create a quick clean-up station would benefit from this product. The multiple towel dispensing rods and storage tray open this up to a variety of uses. From car mechanics to veterinarians, if you frequently have messes to tidy up, this station is for you.

Spill Mate Specifications

It is built of sturdy metal with two roll dispensing bars (rolls sold separately), a shelf for absorbent pads (pads sold separately), and a bottle and bag holder. This product comes with a 1-year standard part/labour warranty.

Dimensions (mm): 1500(H) x 560(W) x 680(D)

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