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Speed Table
Speed Ramps Kit
Reflective speed ramps

Speed Table

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  • Ideal for school zones, residential areas and public car parks
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Supplied as RED with reflective markings
  • Ideally spaced 50-80 metres apart
  • Supplied with full fixing kit
  • Corner sections weigh 38kg each 65H x 750L x 900Wmm
  • Inner sections weigh 42.5kg each 65H x 750L x 900Wmm
  • Please note that for safety reasons the sections must be lifted by 2 people
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1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

SKK1001 Code: SKK1001
Description: 4 corners kit Dimensions (mm): 1500L x 1800W Price: £400.00 £380.00
SKK1002 Code: SKK1002
Description: 4 corners + 2 inner sections kit Dimensions (mm): 2250L x 1800W Price: £600.00 £570.00
SKK1003 Code: SKK1003
Description: 4 corners + 4 inner sections kit Dimensions (mm): 3000L x 1800W Price: £800.00 £760.00

Speed Table

The speed table, speed cushion or flat top hump as it is also known, from The Workplace Depot is a traffic calming device used to prevent drivers exceeding the speed limit. The speed table is part of the speed management scheme as a way for drivers to maintain slower speeds on the roads in certain areas. This is in place so pedestrians and other motorists can pass safely and therefore, reducing the risk of accidents. The speed table can vary in length. By using variable inner sections you can control the width of road the speed table will cover. The dimensions of the speed tables are larger than conventional speed bumps and are generally long enough for the entire wheelbase of a standard car to rest on top of. The product is made from recycled rubber and is bright red in colour. Its reflective white markings will reflect drivers’ headlights and the lights on a bicycle, in order to maximise the visibility of the ramp on dimly lit roads or at night time.

What is the purpose of a speed table?

A major safety concern in zones with high recorded numbers of accidents, such as areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic and roads with sharp corners, is controlling the speed of vehicles. A speed table is a tool used to calm traffic and to ensure that drivers maintain a slower speed in built up areas rather than slowing cars more significantly. Unlike a speed bump, a speed table slows down passing vehicles to 20 mph, a safe speed for travelling in busy streets. It has been proven that the number of traffic incidents and collisions has been decreasing by nearly 50% each year due to the use of a speed table. This demonstrates the substantial effect this equipment has on the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Where can they be used?

This product is ideal for built up areas where they may be typical residential speed limits in place. In built up areas the maximum speed limit is 30 mph, however there are regular 20mph enforcements in place throughout housing estates and residential areas. The nature of the speed table is to slow vehicles down to the desired speed in residential areas of 20-25mph. The use of a speed table is recommended in areas where there maybe children, for example near a school or play park. Similarly, areas which are consistently busy and with a high level of pedestrian footfall would benefit from a speed table to limit endangering passers-by. The speed table can also be used on inner-city bus routes due to its special size and shape. Buses and other low floor vehicles are able to travel over the shorter speed table ramps with ease. In the same way, a very valuable feature of the smaller speed tables is that they do not slow the travel of ambulances, fire engines and large police vans. Large vehicles such as emergency vehicles are able to straddle the smaller speed tables without slowing down. Entrances to sites or visitor attractions can also install a speed table to decrease the speed of motorists accessing these places.

Speed tables: warranties, materials and legislation

The product can be bought with corners and inners. The size is adjustable and ranges from the smallest speed table comprised of just four corners and measuring 1500mm x 1800mm; the second largest speed table has four corners as well as two inner sections and the largest speed table we offer has four corners and four inner sections and measures 3000mm x 1800mm. Each speed table bundle comes with a fixing kit and spare bolts to assist in the assembly of our product. It is important to note that for safety reasons and due to the weight of the items, each section must be lifted by two people – the corner sections weigh 38kg and the inner sections weigh 42.5kg each. When assembled, each ramp should be placed 50 to 80 meters apart in order to get the most from your speed table. A standard one-year warranty on parts and labour is included on this product.

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